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Where to find the best cinnamon rolls in London 2024

Indulging in a warm cinnamon bun is a quintessential pleasure, and in London, the options are as diverse as the city itself. In this article, we embark on a quest to uncover the best cinnamon buns the city has to offer. From royal-approved creations to yeast-free marvels inspired by Scandinavian traditions, we'll explore the stories behind each bakery and the unique techniques that make their cinnamon buns stand out. Whether you prefer a flaky, scone-like texture or a gooey, sticky swirl bursting with cardamom-infused goodness, there's a cinnamon bun in London waiting to satisfy your cravings.

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Table of Contents

1. Ole & Steen

This hip Danish bakery offers a unique twist on the classic with their cinnamon socials – a long, squishy braid of dough loaded with cinnamon and vanilla custard. It’s great for sharing, but you can snag a slice just for yourself.

Think of it as a fusion of a Chelsea bun and Danish pastry, but supersized. Plus, there’s a classic Danish almond option too.

Multiple locations across London;

2. Fabrique

Originating from Stockholm, Fabrique has spread its Swedish magic to London, delighting locals with fresh buns and sourdough straight from the oven. While the original bakery sits on Geffrye Street near Hoxton overground station, its popularity has led to branches popping up in Covent Garden, Notting Hill, and Fitzrovia.

The cinnamon bun from Fabrique is the real deal, boasting a delicate pastry knot adorned with crunchy sugar crystals. With its chewy dough, sticky glaze, and layers of cinnamon goodness, it’s a treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

Multiple locations across London;

3. Buns From Home

If you crave homemade buns but lack the baking finesse, Buns From Home is your go-to spot. Started by founder Barney in his own kitchen, this outlet has expanded to 12 shops across London, all committed to delivering top-notch quality (they make their croissant dough from scratch daily).

While the classic cinnamon bun is a must-try, each bakery also surprises with weekly specials like cheesecake, vanilla custard, chocolate custard, and tiramisu-filled buns. Each bun, including the cinnamon ones, is crafted with a layered, croissant-style dough, meticulously rolled and laminated with top-quality French butter.

Multiple locations across London;

4. Gail’s

As one of London’s beloved bakery chains (recently acquired by US fund Bain Capital for £200mn), Gail’s is rapidly expanding across the city, much to the delight of carb enthusiasts. With around 6,000 cinnamon buns baked daily across their locations, you’re never far from indulging in their sugary delights.

The journey to perfecting Gail’s cinnamon buns spans nearly 15 years, drawing inspiration from the classic California morning bun. Made with croissant dough, they’re swirled with cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar, then baked to crispy, flaky perfection. Baking at a high temperature caramelizes the sugar and butter, creating a delightful toffee-like texture and flavor. Gail’s also offers seasonal treats like the heavenly sticky date and coconut babka.

Multiple locations across London;

5. Bageriet

Expect nothing short of excellence from this Swedish bakery. Their Kanelbullar (cinnamon bun) is a heavenly combination of sweet dough and cinnamon filling, adorned with sugar crystals for an extra crunch.

While seating is limited, you’ll likely devour your bun before even considering sitting down.

24 Rose St, London WC2E 9EA;

6. Miel Bakery

Miel Bakery beckons passersby with its simple sandwich board, showcasing the day’s specials. Inside, the ambiance is no-frills—no cozy couches or Wi-Fi—but the space boasts charming French boulangerie-style tiles and chic millennial-pink tables.

Most of Miel’s ingredients are carefully sourced from France—think Normandy flour, Charentes butter, and Valrhona chocolate. Their pastries and breads are baked in small batches throughout the day, ensuring that you’ll enjoy something warm, gooey, and doughy straight from the oven.

Their cinnamon bun is a hefty, brioche-style delight made with cream, generous amounts of butter, and a subtle cinnamon sugar filling. While it might not be as cinnamon-packed as expected, the use of the finest French butter (Poitou Charentes) makes it incredibly buttery and decadently rich.

57 Warren St, London W1T 5NR;

7. Fortitude Bakehouse

Nestled in a charming cobblestone mews in Bloomsbury, Fortitude Bakehouse welcomes you with bold blue doors and a menu boasting freshly baked pastries and coffees daily. Their offerings include a seasonal selection of buns and beignets, alongside rotating sweet and savory delights like tiramisu beignets and mango lime cream. But if it’s cinnamon or chocolate sticky buns you crave, don’t miss out!

. What sets these hand-rolled buns apart is their complexity. The dough ferments for 48 hours, resulting in a deeper flavor profile and a subtle boozy note. The sticky filling, made with molasses sugar, adds an extra treacly richness to each bun.

35 Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N;

8. Scandinavian Kitchen

Nestled on Great Titchfield Street, Scandinavian Kitchen is a trendy hangout for the yummy mummy and Swedish expat crowd alike. Their menu features great lunches like traditional beetroot salads and open prawn mayo rye sandwiches, along with incredibly delicious treats like banana cake. With over 600 goodies from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, ranging from crispbreads to salmon and herring, there’s something for everyone.

As for their cinnamon buns, the cardamom-spiced dough is filled with a tantalizing mix of cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla sugar, topped with pearl sugar for an extra crunch. While the bun itself is sturdy and bread-like, it’s transformed into a delightful treat with a brush of golden- and date syrup, creating a deliciously sticky and sweet finish.

61 Great Litchfield Street, London W1W 7PP,

9. The Dusty Knuckle

As a Dalston institution, The Dusty Knuckle is celebrated for its exceptional bread, sandwiches, and pizza, as well as its impactful youth training program for young offenders. Among its array of sweet offerings, you’ll find two standout buns.

The morning bun, aptly named, is a crowd pleaser, featuring croissant dough rolled in cinnamon sugar for a delightful start to the day. For those seeking a modern twist on the classic Chelsea bun, The Dusty Knuckle’s sticky buns are made with yeasted dough and filled with a delicious mixture of raisins and cinnamon.

429 Green Lanes, London, N4 1HA;

10. Violet

Violet, situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Dalston, is famous for its cakes, notably the royally approved ones. Owned and run by American baker Claire Ptak, who honed her skills as a pastry chef at Chez Panisse under Alice Waters, Violet shot to fame in 2018 when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle commissioned her to create their grand tiered lemon elderflower wedding cake. But Violet’s offerings extend far beyond celebratory cakes; from tasty sandwiches and toasties to quiche and a variety of pastries, including their immensely popular cinnamon buns.

Unlike traditional cinnamon buns, Violet’s version is yeast-free, resulting in a more scone-like, flaky texture—perfect for those who struggle with sourdough starter. Infused with the secret Scandi ingredient, crushed cardamom, and generously layered with brown sugar and cinnamon, these buns are topped with a light dusting of sugar for an extra hint of sweetness.

47 Wilton Way, London E8 3ED;

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