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Where to find the best cinnamon buns in Copenhagen

How can something named after a slimy bug taste so good? The Danes nailed it with their famous cinnamon bun, called *kanelsnegle*. Have one for breakfast or with your afternoon coffee. It's a dough base rolled and twisted with cinnamon, sugar, and lots of butter. You can add a topping of chocolate, sugar glaze (*glasur*), or powdered sugar if you like. While you can find a *kanelsnegle* at almost any bakery or supermarket, the absolute best ones are at select spots around the city.

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Table of Contents

1. Skt Peders Bageri

Copenhagen’s top bakery crafts a killer version of the city’s favorite treat. Their star item? The beloved Onsdag Snegle (Wednesday Snail), a larger roll sold at a special price every Wednesday (just 15 DKK!). These goodies are fluffy, freshly baked, and bursting with cinnamon.

Alongside their mouthwatering cinnamon buns, they offer swirls filled with cardamom and chocolate, plus a vegan version for those with dietary preferences.

Sankt Peders Stræde 29 1453 København K

2. Det Rene Brød

This organic bakery doesn’t compromise on taste (or sugar). Their flaky delights practically drip with cinnamon-buttery goodness. Here’s a twist: these kanelsnegle prove that height isn’t necessary for top-notch flavor.

Rosenvængets Allé 17, 2100 København;

3. Meyers Bageri

With locations spread across the city, you might think Meyers Bageri operates like a chain, but fear not—the quality is just as fantastic as any of the smaller bakeries in Copenhagen. Their cinnamon snails even come in seasonal flavors; they recently offered pumpkin snails for Halloween.

Despite being the tiniest bakery around, they bake up the biggest cinnamon bun in town. It’s cake-like and fluffy, with layers of buttery dough twisted with brown sugar and cinnamon. Their chocolate version is more traditional: a flaky pastry bursting with smooth chocolate sauce.

Jægersborggade 9, 2200 København;

4. Andersen Bakery

Andersen’s has been a staple in the Danish pastry scene for over 50 years, with two bustling locations churning out fresh, handmade treats daily. Their kanelsnegle are renowned for being tender, flaky, and downright delicious.

Thorshavnsgade 26, 2300 København

5. Lagkagehuset

Despite being a bakery chain found on every corner in Copenhagen, don’t let that deter you. Lagkagehuset’s cinnamon roll is a delight—light, airy, and utterly scrumptious. Instead of being sticky or soft, the sugar glaze offers a satisfyingly crispy bite.

Frederiksberggade 23, 1459 København K;

6. Holm’s Bager

The top favourite by far is the classic cinnamon bun from Holm’s Bager, winning over the jury with its robust cinnamon flavor, buttery soft texture, and a perfect dollop of glaze on top. The texture is spot on—so wonderfully soft and flaky! And the glaze? Just right—not too sweet or overwhelming.

Købmagergade 10, 1160 København;

7. Rug Bakery

Rug, Danish for “Rye,” is the on-site bakery at Villa, offering fresh bread, traditional treats, and coffee for both locals and hotel guests. Whether enjoying their morning routines in the sunlit bakery or taking coffee outside on the terrace, visitors are treated to a delightful experience. The bakery’s design, meant to harmonize with the adjacent restaurant, boasts bold, vibrant interiors that beckon curious passersby inside, no matter the hour.

Tietgensgade 39, 1704 København


Buka, nestled in Copenhagen’s bustling heart, is a small, contemporary bakery fueled by passion and good vibes. Their snug, laid-back atmosphere sets the perfect stage for savoring a variety of traditional Danish pastries. Buka’s focus on quality ingredients shines through in their unassuming preparations. Don’t miss their Nutella croissant—an absolute local favorite!

At Buka, their cinnamon rolls are amazing. Soft dough, just-right cinnamon, and sugar make them irresistible. Every bite is a delight.

Store Kongensgade 18, 1264 København;

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