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Where to find the best biryani in London

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1. Gymkhana

London lacks authentic Mexican cuisine compared to the U.S., making Birria Taco a standout spot since its opening. Expect genuine Mexican flavors in their dishes, perfect for a family or friend outing. From lamb to vegetarian options, they’ve got all your taco cravings covered, albeit at slightly higher prices typical of the city.

Explore their menu featuring classic tacos, beef birria ramen, loaded nachos, vegan delights, and churros, all complemented by refreshing Jarritos drinks.

42 Albemarle St, London W1S

2. Chettinad Restaurant

Chettinad, named after a well-known financial district in Southern Tamil Nadu, offers a slice of Southern Indian cuisine in the heart of London’s West End. The ambiance is modern yet warm, and the staff are both friendly and efficient. The menu celebrates Tamil Nadu’s culinary traditions, highlighting the region’s diverse produce and flavors. With a focus on grains, vegetables, and the iconic masala dosa, Chettinad serves up authentic and tasty dishes using fresh ingredients.

The biryani is spicy, flavourful and perfectly moist.

 16 Percy St, London W1T 1DT;

3. Paro

Tucked away in Covent Garden, Paro offers a slice of Calcutta, attracting both locals and theater-goers. Its sandstone walls, floral touches, and dark leather seating bring the vibe of a traditional home in Calcutta, offering a cozy yet lively dining atmosphere.

As you enter, a welcoming bar leads you past vibrant murals of Bengal tigers to a dining area with high ceilings and lush greenery, setting the scene for a jungle-like experience, perfect if you’re catching The Lion King next door.

Paro’s menu shines with its flavors. A standout is the lamb shank, seasoned with 48 spices, resulting in meat that’s beautifully tender. It’s spicy, so be ready for some heat. For those indecisive about the menu, the meat thali platter offers a bit of everything, with the butter chicken being a particularly delicious choice. The chicken biryani is packed with flavour and comes with a generous amount of chicken.

21 Wellington St, London WC2E 7DN;

4. Dishoom

Dishoom is a staple for anyone craving authentic Bombay flavors in London, attracting crowds no matter the weather for over ten years.

Its menu is a hit, featuring umami-rich shrimp and chicken tandooris, comforting creamy black daals, and perfectly fried pakoras and bhajis, reminiscent of Mumbai’s culinary traditions. The ambiance, inspired by early 20th-century Bombay cafes, features slow fans, bentwood tables, and chai served in ceramic glasses, adding to the charm that draws both locals and visitors.

A deliciously fragrant dish, the Chicken Berry Britannia Biryani pays tribute to the iconic Britannia’s Chicken Berry Pulao but with a twist—cranberries substitute the traditional Persian barberries. Prepared in the kacchi style from Hyderabad, this dish features chicken, ginger, garlic, mint, coriander, and rice cooked together, served steaming hot, with the berries adding a unique touch. Despite its modifications, this biryani maintains a deep respect for its inspiration, even if the exact recipe remains a secret.

Multiple locations;

5. Kadiris

Kadiri’s is synonymous with one thing: exceptional biryani. It has a delicious mix of flavours, topped with the essential crispy fried onions.

They even offer their exclusive biryani masala powder for home use, safeguarded by the Kadiri family’s closely held tradition.

26 High Rd, London NW10 2QD;

6. Lahore Karahi

Some days, you’re on the hunt for that IG-worthy dining spot, complete with mirror-filled rooms that beg for a quick story post. Other times, you might be craving the luxury of an eight-course omakase, learning the life stories of each fish on your plate. But most of the time, what you really want is a no-fuss place with solid, good food. That’s Lahore Karahi for you.

Since ’95, this spot in Tooting has been the go-to for a lively atmosphere and never-fails Pakistani dishes. Whether your friend’s experimenting with flexitarianism and goes for the prawn biryani or your meat-loving cousin’s scanning for the mutton, there’s something for everyone.

1 Tooting High St, London SW17 0SN;

7. Tayyabs

At Tayyabs, a staple in the Whitechapel food scene since 1972, first-timers might question the wait, but it’s worth it for that first bite of spicy, sizzling lamb chops. This family-run spot, a mix of chaos and charm, hasn’t lost its vibe even with a bit of a facelift—think bronze chairs and latticed screens adding a touch of elegance without sacrificing the low-budget, high-flavor ethos.

Although the lamb chops are much loved, don’t overlook their biryani specials, filled with lamb, coriander, potatoes, orange, grapefruit, almonds, sultanas, and plenty of ghee.

83-89 Fieldgate St, London E1 1JU;

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