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Best beaches in and near Zadar 2024

Zadar has quickly become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Croatia, partially due to the many beautiful beaches in the region.

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Whether you want to visit a beach near the old town, in the city, or in a resort, there’s no shortage of options. Some of the beaches in Zadar are beautiful – with stunning bays and soft sand. Others due have pebbles or slightly less picturesque views, but all have something to love.

Many Zadar beaches have actually been given a Blue Flag, which is a certificate for high quality sea and great beach facilities. In this article, we’ll take you through all of your options so you can decide on the best beach for you.

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The best beaches in Zadar:

1. Borik

Beach type: Sand, pebbles and concrete

Beach Facilities: Showers, toilets, sunbeds, changing rooms, cafes, restaurants

Borik is one of the most popular Zadar beaches, with a beautiful 1.5-kilometer stretch of coast. This is mostly a pebble beach, but has a sandy cove and the sea is a beautiful shade of blue with fantastic water quality, making it the ideal place to take a dip.

The sand cove is a long stretch making it the perfect spot for sunbathing and beach games. There are also plenty of amenities here with several cafes and restaurants.

This is the biggest beach in Zadar making it very popular with locals and tourists. This is actually part of Falkensteiner hotel complex and is managed by them, so you have to pay a small fee (10kn) to enter.

How do I get to Borik beach from Zadar?

Borik beach is easily reached by public transport. Hop on a local bus that drive directly to the entrance.

2. Sakarun Beach

Beach type: Sand

Beach Facilities: Toilets, sunbeds, cafes, restaurants

Sakarun beach is a boat ride away on the northwestern side of Dugi Otik island. Based in the prettiest cove on the island, the beach has crystal blue water, white sand and pine trees. It’s one of the best beaches in Zadar to relax at, and turns into a party destination at night.

Sakarun is one of the most famous beaches in the Zadar archipelago. It’s a popular place for day trips from Zadar and is most often seen in adverts for the area. Sakarun is known as the most picturesque beach in Croatia, and therefore attracts a lot of tourists.

How do I get to Sakarun Beach from Zadar?

The port at Zadar has a regular ferry ride to Dugi Otok, a beautiful boat trip along the scenic Adriatic islands. Once you get off the ferry, you can take a bus to the beach. Another option is renting a car so you can explore more of the island.

3. Nin Lagoon / Queen Beach

Beach type: Sand

Beach Facilities: Toilets, sunbeds, beach bar

The historic town of Nin has several kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches and magical coves that aren’t too far from Zadar. The waters here are shallow and warm, so you’ll see a lot of people playing ‘picigin’ – a Croatian ball game played in the water. There are also other beach activities to choose from such as volleyball and kitesurfing. The beautiful Velebit mountain in the background makes Nin Lagoon a truly unique beach.

One of the main highlights of Queen beach is it’s home to the largest natural mud spring in Croatia, which is said to have rejuvenating properties. This allows you to get a spa mud treatment as you swim in the sea, leaving with silky smooth skin.

How do I get to Nin Lagoon from Zadar?

Nin has fantastic connections to Zadar and is easy to reach. It’s only about 20 minutes by car on the motorway, so you can hop in a taxi or get a rental. You can also get a bus with a service running once every hour. Another option is getting the train – this will take a bit longer but will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

4. Zaton Beach

Beach type: Sand and pebbles

Beach Facilities: Toilets, sunbeds, beach bar, showers and shops

Well known to be one of the best beaches in all of Croatia, Zaton beach has certified Blue Flag status meaning it has fantastic water quality, safety and environmental management. It’s only a short distance northwest of Zadar, between Petrcane and Privlake.

Zaton beach is located in the Zaton Holiday Resort and is only 13 km from Zadar. It’s 1.5km of beautiful sandy coastline and crystal clear seas. The resort is also home to a pool, water park and leisure activities making it the perfect location for a beach holiday.

The beach is a mix of sand and pebbles with a pine tree backdrop to provide cool shade in the summer months. It’s a popular place to try out watersports, or you can just relax here.

How do I get to Zaton Beach from Zadar?

It’s easy to get to Zaton by bus from central Zadar, with the journey taking about an hour. You could also get a taxi or take the half hour drive there in a rental car.

5. Kolovare Beach

Beach type: Pebbles and concrete

Beach Facilities: Showers, toilets, sunbeds, changing rooms, cafes, restaurants

If you don’t want to travel outside of Zadar, head to Kolovare beach in the city centre. Just a few minutes walk from the historical centre is this wonderful slice of Mediterranean paradise. The beach is a mix of very fine pebbles and bathing areas, and shade can be found under the many pine trees or rentable parasols. As it’s by the center, there are lots of amenities nearby including restaurants, cafes, kiosks and ice cream parlors.

It gets busy here in peak season, as it’s popular with both locals and tourists. Because of this, they do have lifeguards on duty during peak season to add an extra layer of safety.

How do I get to Kolovare Beach from Zadar?

Kolovare beach is just outside the city center, a short 5 minute walk south.

6. Puntamika Beach

Beach type: Fine pebbles

Beach Facilities: None

Puntamika is a quiet beach in Zadar, with coarse pebbles and a small promenade along the coast. Here you’ll find a small marina, cafe and lighthouse. Mostly popular with the locals, more tourists are starting to visit as well due to rentable vacation apartments right by the beach.

Spend the day here on a sun lounger and admire the views of the old town.

How do I get to Puntamika Beach from Zadar?

Only 3.5km from the city, Puntamika Beach is easily reachable by foot, bike, taxi or rental car.

7. Riva

Beach type: Concrete

Beach Facilities: Food and drink vendors

A popular spot for sunbathers, Riva is a promenade in the old town of Zadar. While technically not a beach, this is the perfect place to relax on a hot day, with multiple access points and ladders leading into the crystal clear sea.

It’s often referred to as the town beach as it’s right next to the city center.

How do I get to Riva from Zadar?

Riva is a short 7 minute walk from the city center of Zadar.

8. Punta Bajlo Beach

Beach type: Pebbles, rock and concrete

Beach Facilities: Toilets, showers and changing rooms

Punta Bajlo is one the most beautiful beaches in Zadar. It’s only about 3 kilometers from the old town and is a unique mix of pebbles, rock sections and concrete sunbathing spots. A pine forest sits just behind providing shady areas.

One of the most idyllic spots in Zadar, this location is perfect for relaxing, swimming and beach sports. It’s recently been landscaped and has wooden platforms for sunbathing.

How do I get to Punta Bajlo Beach from Zadar?

To get to Punta Bajlo beach from Zadar you will need to hire a car, take a taxi or get a bus nearby. There is no buses that go directly to the beach, so it’s about a 1.6km walk from the nearest bus station. Parking is free, but don’t come too late in the day as there may not be any free spaces.

9. Beach Cape Radman

Beach type: Pebbles and concrete

Beach Facilities: Toilets, showers, cafes

Beach Cape Radman is one of the best beaches near Zadar, located in the charming resort of Petrcane. It is idyllic with bright turquoise seas, pine trees and a mix of pebble and concrete.

How do I get to Beach Cape Radman from Zadar?

Cape Radman is only a 15 minute drive from Zadar city center, easily reachable by rental car or taxi.

10. Beach Bilotinjak

Beach type: Sand

Beach Facilities: None

Get in with the insiders and choose Beach Bilotinjak – a natural bay located around 15km east of Zadar. This is one of the few sandy beaches in the area, still with crystal blue waters and amazing natural scenery. It’s known for the red rock formations that line the beach, making it a natural oasis away from town. There’s a place to park your car and then you’ll have to walk down a set of stairs to get to the beach. Once your here, there are no facilities so come prepared!

How do I get to Beach Bilotinjak from Zadar?

The easiest way to get to Beach Bilotinjak is by car. It’s only a 24 minute drive from Zadar.

11. Duboka Draga

Beach type: Pebbles

Beach Facilities: None

Duboka Draga is a wild and natural beach, with a beautiful view of Velebit Mountain. You can only get here by car, and there’s only space for a few people.

How do I get to Duboka Draga from Zadar?

Duboka Draga is a half an hour drive from Zadar.

12. Zlatna Luka Beach

Beach type: Pebbles

Beach Facilities: None

Southeast of Zadar is Sukosan, home to Zlatna Luka Beach. This is the perfect destination if you want to escape Zadar for an afternoon, as it’s pebble shores are normally more quiet than other nearby beaches. This is also the home of the Zlatna Luka Diving Center, who organise excursions to the amazing Kornati National Park.

How do I get to Zlatna Luka from Zadar?

Zlatna Luka beach is best reached by driving from Zadar, as it’s only about a 15 minute journey south.

13. Bošana Beach

Beach type: Pebbles and sand

Beach Facilities: Showers, toilets, sun loungers, restaurants

Sitting on a long and narrow island that’s north of Zadar is Bošana Beach near Pag. The area is known for its beautiful coastlines made of rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, pebble and crystal clear water.

Bošana Beach is several kilometres long, and has several bays and coves to explore. The walk down to the water is quite steep, and there aren’t many facilities so come prepared.

How do I get to Bošana Beach from Zadar?

You can either drive to Bošana Beach from Zadar, or you can get a bus that stops about a 15 minute walk away.

14. Prosika Beach

Beach type: Sand

Beach Facilities: Deck chairs, toilets, changing rooms, cafe

Prosika Beach is close to Pag town centre, and is a 800m long beach that’s ideal for families. There are loads of bars and cafes surrounding it, and there’s plenty of shade. There are lots of facilities to enjoy, including a playground, tennis courts, beach volleyball, and pedal boats.

How do I get to Prosika Beach from Zadar?

The easiest way to get to Prosika Beach from Zadar is to drive or get a taxi. It’s about an hour away from the city.

15. Zrce Beach

Beach type: Pebbles

Beach Facilities: Deck chairs, toilets, changing rooms, bars and clubs

One of the most famous beaches in Zadar County, Zrce Beach is the party hotspot on the Adriatic Coast. It’s home to all hours beach bars and clubs, and there are even summer music festivals hosted here.

How do I get to Zrce Beach from Zadar?

Zrce beach can not be easily reached by public transport, so your best option is to hire a taxi or rental car. It’s just over an hours drive from Zadar.

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