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The Best Korean Restaurants in London 2024

London is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world, and it’s no surprise that it has some of the best Korean restaurants too. In this article, we will be exploring some of the top Korean restaurants in London for 2023. So if you’re planning a visit to London soon, make sure you check out this blog for all your Korean restaurant needs!

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Korean cuisine has gained immense popularity in London over the past few years, thanks to its unique and diverse flavors that cater to a wide range of tastes. Korean food is known for its use of fresh ingredients, bold spices, and fermentation techniques that enhance the umami flavors of the dishes. London has a vibrant Korean food scene with numerous restaurants offering authentic Korean cuisine.

1. Yori

6 Panton St, London SW1Y 4DN

With restaurants dotted around London, Yori has become one of London’s most popular Korean chains. They are most famous for their Korean BBQ and hotpots, from classic beef or pork bulgogi to delicious seafood.

2. Dotori

3 Stroud Green Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 2DQ

This Korean & Japanese hybrid offers well-priced and delicious dishes, including their famous yukgejang, fried chicken and pad thai. Expect a blend of authentic Korean food with other asian-fusion dishes, with a range of beers, wines, sake and cocktails to wash it down.

3. The Petite Corée

98 W End Ln, London NW6 2LU

This West Hampstead hotspot is known for their Korean tapas and traditional Korean BBQ. Bring your own bottle of wine to enjoy with your your braised ribs, gochujang fried chicken and beef bibimbap. They also offer a lot of vegetarian and vegan option too, so no one has to miss out.

4. Sarang

887 Finchley Rd, London NW11 8RR

Sarang is a small Korean restaurant with old school decor just opposite Golders Green station. They serve amazing meat dishes with a range of sides, as well as plenty of vegetable vegetarian options.

5. Korean Dinner Party

Top Floor, Kingly Ct, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW

Inspired by the Koreatown restaurants in LA, Korean Dinner Party serves up a fusion of Korean, American and Mexican food. Expect corndogs, bacon mochi, short rib tacos and their famous garlic chicken nuggets. Food service is completed by their innovative drinks menu – we recommend trying the Yakult Royale or Burnt Rice Old Fashioned!

6. Mukkebi

152A Seven Sisters Rd, Finsbury Park, London N7 7PL

Mukkebi is a traditional Korean restaurant in Finsbury Park, serving up authentic food with top quality ingredients. They serve all the classics, including Korean fried chicken, bibimbap and boodae jigae.

7. Masigo

29 Chapel Market, London N1 9EN

Masigo is a no-frills Korean restaurant based in Angel. Here you can expect all the classic Korean favourites including bibimbap and kimchi stew as well as BBQ and hotpot.

8. KoKoDoo

54 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4LN

Award winning Korean fried chicken is on the menu at KoKoDoo, originally founded in 2006 as a food truck in Broadgate Circle. They now have two food trucks, a delivery kitchen and a sit down restaurant and are still continuing to grow.

9. Babsang

103B Dalston Ln, London E8 1NH

Based in Dalston, Babsang is a small Korean restaurant known for their Bibimbab, Kimbhi, bulgogi and toppoki. This a popular spot with vegans with plenty of meat free options, including aubergine bibimbap and Korean fried tofu.

10. Kimchimama

28 Upper Tachbrook St, Pimlico, London SW1V 1SW

Serving tasty and healthy dishes, Kimchimama makes everything from scratch with a Korean mum’s love. Known for their amazing bibimbap and kimchi, they have glowing reviews from their customers making them one of the best Korean restaurants in London.

9. Sollip

Unit 1, 8 Melior St, London SE1 3QP

This sophisticated Korean fine dining spot offers seasonal tasting menus that merge Korean influences with French techniques. Run by a husband and wife team who met while training at Le Cordon Bleu, they’re now pushing boundaries with their Michelin star winning creative dishes such as Daikon Tarte Tatin.

In conclusion, London’s Korean food scene has come a long way in recent years, with a plethora of excellent Korean restaurants offering authentic and delicious cuisine. Whether you’re a die-hard Korean food fan or a first-timer, these restaurants are sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

We highly recommend trying out these restaurants and experiencing the vibrant flavors and rich textures of Korean cuisine for yourself. So, if you’re looking for an exciting culinary adventure, head over to one of these Korean restaurants and savor the taste of Korean cuisine in the heart of London.

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