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The 8 best Korean restaurants in Edinburgh 2024

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Edinburgh might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about Korean food, but the city has a booming number of Korean restaurants. Whether you want classic Korean BBQ, the best kim chi, or some K-inspired street food, Edinburgh has it all. Here are the best Korean restaurants and food spots in Edinburgh.

1. Ong Gie Korean Restaurant

Ong Gie in Edinburgh is a veteran Korean restaurant, offering value-packed lunches and diverse dinner options. The menu is extensive, with plenty of options for vegetarians, pescatarians, and carnivores.

Their indoor barbecue (gogigui) is a highlight, with electric griddles at some tables for you to grill your own meats and veggies. They also have a BYOB policy with a small corkage fee.

The starters include deep-fried tofu and assorted dumplings, while main courses feature chicken bulgogi, LA galbi, tang soo yuk (sweet, sour, crispy pork), and oh jing uh bukkeum (squid in chili sauce). 

22 Brougham Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9JU / / Thurs – Mon, 12-2:30, 5-9:30pm

2. Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ at Tarvit Street offers a sociable dining experience with a choice of ready-made dishes or the cook-your-own adventure. It’s perfect for groups, allowing you to grill fish, meat, and veggies on your table with built-in grills.

Opt for dishes like marinated beef rib and generously sized king prawns, which arrive conveniently butterflied and ready for you to grill. You get a good range of sauces and vegetable side dishes, including kimchi, lettuce, and pickled vegetables, and the best part is that these are unlimited — feel free to request as many refills as your heart desires.

To cap off your meal, consider indulging in the green tea mochi ice cream and the shikhye rice punch, reminiscent of a sweet rice pudding.

The overall value is remarkable, with a bill under £60 covering starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks for two.

3 Tarvit St, Edinburgh EH3 9L / / Tue – Sun, 12-3pm, 5-10pm

3. Kim’s Bulgogi

Kim’s Bulgogi is a quick, no-frills spot specializing in Korean comfort food. The star of the show is the bulgogi – rice or noodle bowls featuring chili-warm pork or soy chicken, cooked to a delicious char. The menu also includes bibimbap and a few smaller starters to complement a hearty meal. Fast, small, and focused on delivering the comforting flavors of Korean cuisine.

11 St Stephen St, Edinburgh EH3 5AN / Wed – Fri, 12-2, 5-9pm, Sat 12-9pm, Mon 5-9pm

4. Bibimbap Edinburgh

Originating from Glasgow, Bibimbap offers hearty street food inspired by Seoul’s cultural heritage. Named after a Korean comfort food, Bibimbap, pronounced ‘bee-beem-bahp,’ is a warm rice bowl topped with vegetables and chili pepper paste, soy sauce, or fermented soybean paste.

The menu showcases various Korean dishes, prepared in front of guests, including Kimchi, deopbap, Corn Dogs, Yum Yum fried chicken, soup, and noodles, alongside the famous Bibimbap. Main dishes feature Yache with broccoli, onions, mushrooms, beansprout & pak choi, Beef Udon, Saeu (Korean style Sweet & Sour Prawns), Tteok-Bokki (stir-fried fish and rice cake), and Jeyuk Bokkeum (spicy Pork).

The beverage menu boasts soju-heavy cocktails, each more photogenic than the last, and a flurry of takeaway orders keeps the atmosphere buzzing. Although not designed for lingering, the experience at Bibimbap is speedy and delicious.

96 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DR / / Mon- Sun 12-10pm

5. Korean Munchies

Korean Munchies, a recent addition to the southside food scene, caters to the diverse student population with a variety of deep-fried Korean comfort foods and fresh bibimbap bowls. This casual eatery offers signature dishes like Mini Cup Ramyeon, cheesy Tteokbokki rice cake, homemade curry with house kimchi, and Dakgangjung boneless deep-fried chicken with dips.

The eatery has a super casual atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for a quick bite with friends or a laid-back business lunch when you have the munchies.

26 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DH / / Mon – Sun 12-8pm

6. On Bap

Despite its unassuming size, On Bap stands out in Edinburgh’s growing Korean restaurant scene. It’s a student favorite, often crowded in the evenings. The Korean fried chicken is a standout, available with sweet chili or honey and soy sauce. If you still have room, you can explore other offerings like jjigae stew, chicken teriyaki on rice, or their signature bibimbap – a spicy mix of meat, rice, and shredded vegetables.

57 Clerk St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9JQ 

7. Kim’s Mini Meals

Kim’s Mini Meals, a family-run restaurant since 2010, is a hidden gem on the Southside festival tourist trail. Despite its small size and homey interior, it’s been a Michelin Guide nominee for four consecutive years. Offering authentic Korean fare in unpretentious surroundings, it’s a well-known spot for those in the know.

The ambiance feels like an extension of someone’s dining room, complete with doily tablecloths, hand-stitched chopstick holders, and mismatched but expensive china. The menu features dishes like pork belly (samgyepsal) with kimchi and Kim’s spicy sauce or beef short ribs (LA Galbi) with homemade kimchi and rice.

For those unfamiliar with Korean cuisine, there’s a helpful photo album explaining each dish. The restaurant is tiny, with only about six tables, so advance booking is recommended, especially for larger groups.

5 Buccleuch St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9JN / Mon – Sat 5:30 – 9:30pm

8. Lucky Yu

Lucky Yu, situated in Edinburgh’s Broughton area, offers an Asian fusion experience. Known for its Korean-style cocktails, the intimate space accommodates around 20 people. 

The curated menu features around 20 shareable dishes, including Korean chicken wings, barbecued wood pigeon, crispy pork belly, and various fish and seafood options like whole seabass, bluefin O-Toro, and grilled bluefin tuna tataki. Plant-based choices include roasted and grilled aubergine with miso and housemade kimchi and sweet potato gyoza with chili sauce.

 53-55 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3RJ / / Tue – Sat 5-11:30pm

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