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The best beer in Antwerp (Antwerp beer guide) 2024

Nestled in the heart of Belgium, Antwerp is a haven for beer connoisseurs and novices alike, offering an abundance of unique brews that reflect centuries of brewing mastery.

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Renowned worldwide for its diverse and distinctive brews, Antwerp has been a mecca for beer lovers and connoisseurs for centuries.

We’ll be exploring Antwerp’s beer scene. As you traverse this enchanting city, you’ll discover that Antwerp’s relationship with beer is as rich and storied as the intricate tapestries adorning its historic buildings.

Dating back to medieval times, brewing has been an integral part of Antwerp’s history, evolving with the city’s growth and leaving an indelible mark on its culture. The roots of brewing can be traced back to the city’s monastic communities, where skilled monks crafted ales not only for nourishment but also as offerings to the divine. As Antwerp flourished as a bustling trading port, its beer trade thrived, attracting travelers from far-flung corners of the world and fostering an international influence on its brewing practices.

As you roam the picturesque streets, you’ll be greeted by iconic breweries with centuries-old stories etched into their walls. From De Koninck’s distinctive “Bolleke” glass to Het Anker’s homage to Emperor Charles V, every brewery has a tale to tell, woven into the fabric of Antwerp’s identity.

But the beer culture doesn’t stop with tradition; it thrives in the modern craft beer bars that have emerged as an exciting testament to Antwerp’s brewing prowess. Here, pioneering brewmasters unleash their creativity, fusing classic Belgian styles with bold experimentation, introducing a new chapter in the city’s brewing heritage.

Let’s embark on an odyssey of flavors, aromas, and traditions that reveal the best beer in Antwerp.

A Brief History of Beer in Antwerp

Origins of Brewing in Antwerp

The story of beer in Antwerp dates back to ancient times when the art of brewing began taking root in the region. As early as the medieval era, monasteries played a pivotal role in brewing, with skilled monks crafting beers not only for their sustenance but also for religious ceremonies. These early brews were often simple and nourishing, created using local grains and flavored with herbs and spices readily available in the surrounding areas.

The growth of Antwerp as a prominent trading port during the late Middle Ages further fueled the development of its beer culture. The city’s strategic location along the Scheldt River made it a hub for international trade, attracting merchants from diverse backgrounds. This influx of traders from different parts of Europe brought with them new brewing techniques, ingredients, and beer styles, enriching Antwerp’s brewing traditions and laying the groundwork for its later contributions to the world of beer.

Antwerp’s Role in Beer Styles and Brewing Techniques

As the city’s importance as a trading center grew, so did its reputation as a brewing powerhouse. Antwerp became a melting pot of brewing influences, which led to the emergence of unique beer styles that blended local traditions with international flavors. This period marked the birth of iconic Belgian beer styles, such as Tripel, Dubbel, and Witbier.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the Low Countries, including Antwerp, experienced significant political and religious upheaval. This tumultuous period impacted the brewing landscape, as religious orders were disbanded and breweries faced restrictions. However, resilient brewers continued to produce beer, adapting to the changing political climate.

In the late 19th century, the industrial revolution brought about further advancements in brewing technology. Steam-powered machinery and refrigeration transformed the brewing process, enabling breweries to produce larger quantities of beer while maintaining consistent quality. These innovations contributed to the expansion of Antwerp’s brewing industry and its ability to export its beers to a broader market.

De Koninck Brewery

Among the most celebrated breweries in Antwerp is De Koninck Brewery, founded in 1833. This historic establishment has played a vital role in preserving the city’s brewing legacy and cultivating its unique beer culture. De Koninck is best known for its signature beer, the “Bolleke” served in its iconic bowl-shaped glass, which has become an enduring symbol of Antwerp’s beer identity.

Today, De Koninck Brewery welcomes visitors from around the world, offering guided tours that provide a glimpse into the brewery’s history, the beer-making process, and the rich traditions upheld by the brewery over the years. A visit to De Koninck is a testament to the enduring spirit of Antwerp’s beer culture, where tradition and innovation converge to create beers that continue to captivate beer enthusiasts and preserve the city’s rich brewing heritage.

Must-Visit Traditional Breweries in Antwerp

1. De Koninck Brewery

Established in 1833, De Koninck Brewery stands as an iconic symbol of Antwerp’s beer heritage and is a must-visit destination for any beer enthusiast. Nestled in the heart of the city, this historic brewery has preserved its rich brewing traditions over the years, offering visitors a unique glimpse into Antwerp’s beer culture.

Specialization in Classic Belgian Beer Styles

De Koninck Brewery is renowned for its mastery of classic Belgian beer styles, with a particular focus on top-fermented ales. The brewery’s signature beer, the “Bolleke,” is a Belgian Pale Ale characterized by its golden hue, full body, and balanced maltiness. It is served in its distinctive, bulbous glass known as the “Bolleke” glass, a symbol of Antwerp’s beer identity.

Additionally, De Koninck offers other classic Belgian styles, including Belgian Blonde Ales and Belgian Dubbels, each showcasing the brewery’s commitment to time-honored recipes and flavors.

Insights into the Brewing Process and Traditions

A tour of De Koninck Brewery provides visitors with an immersive experience into the art of brewing. Knowledgeable guides lead visitors through the various stages of the brewing process, from malt milling to fermentation and conditioning. The brewery’s modern facilities, coupled with its respect for traditional brewing techniques, exemplify the balance between innovation and preservation.

As visitors explore the brewery, they learn about the significance of the “Bolleke” glass and its role in the Antwerp beer culture. The glass’s unique shape is said to enhance the beer’s aroma and allow the full spectrum of flavors to be savored. This tradition underscores the importance of presentation and appreciation of beer in Antwerp.

2. Het Anker Brewery

Although not situated within the city center, Het Anker Brewery is a short journey from Antwerp and is well worth the visit for its historical significance and exceptional brews. With roots dating back to the 15th century, Het Anker has weathered the tides of time and continues to be a prominent name in the Belgian beer scene.

Specialization in Classic Belgian Beer Styles

Het Anker is celebrated for its mastery of classic Belgian beer styles, particularly its line of Gouden Carolus beers. The Gouden Carolus Classic, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, exemplifies the brewery’s commitment to tradition, with a rich and complex profile featuring notes of dark fruits, spices, and caramel.

The brewery also crafts the Gouden Carolus Tripel, a classic Belgian Tripel, and the Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor, showcasing the brewery’s versatility in producing both timeless and contemporary brews.

Insights into the Brewing Process and Traditions

A visit to Het Anker provides a captivating journey through centuries of brewing history. The brewery tour grants insight into the intricate brewing process, where ancient copper kettles stand side by side with modern equipment. This blending of old and new underscores Het Anker’s dedication to preserving its heritage while embracing modern techniques.

The brewery’s commitment to its roots is further evidenced by its restoration of historical structures within the premises, including a fully operational traditional malt house, showcasing the art of malting as it has been done for generations.

Exploring Modern Craft Beer Bars in Antwerp

In recent years, Antwerp has witnessed a renaissance in its beer culture, as the city’s craft beer scene has flourished, attracting a new generation of beer enthusiasts and adventurous palates. Craft beer bars and microbreweries have sprung up across the city, offering a dynamic and diverse selection of brews that push the boundaries of traditional beer styles. 

Popular Craft Beer Bars and Microbreweries

1. Billie’s Bier Kafétaria

Located in the heart of Antwerp, Billie’s Bier Kafétaria is a mecca for craft beer aficionados. This trendy bar boasts an impressive array of local and international craft beers, carefully curated to cater to a wide spectrum of tastes. Whether you’re seeking hoppy IPAs, smooth stouts, or refreshing sours, Billie’s has something to please every discerning palate. The bar’s knowledgeable staff are passionate about beer and are always eager to suggest the perfect brew based on your preferences.

2. Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie (Antwerp Brew Company)

For those eager to witness the brewing process in action, the Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie is a must-visit microbrewery located within the city center. As the city’s first urban brewery, it offers visitors an intimate and immersive experience. The brewery’s craft creations are proudly served on-site, allowing patrons to savor the freshest brews and learn about the craft of brewing from the enthusiastic brewmasters.

3. Café Zeezicht

Nestled along the scenic Scheldt River, Café Zeezicht has been a beloved fixture in Antwerp since 1932. While it boasts a diverse selection of beers, its true claim to fame is its impressive range of traditional Belgian lambics and geuze. This historic cafe offers visitors a unique opportunity to taste authentic lambic and geuze styles that are rarely found elsewhere.

Variety of Innovative and Experimental Beers

The craft beer bars and microbreweries in Antwerp are at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing to create experimental and unique beers. Here are some of the innovative styles you might encounter:

1. Sour Beers: Antwerp’s craft beer scene is home to a burgeoning trend of sour beers, including Berliner Weisse, Gose, and American Wild Ales. These tart and refreshing brews often incorporate fruits and herbs, resulting in complex and palate-tingling flavors.

2. New England IPAs (NEIPAs): Known for their hazy appearance and juicy hop flavors, NEIPAs have gained popularity in Antwerp’s craft beer bars. These IPAs boast a creamy mouthfeel and showcase a range of fruity and tropical hop aromas.

3. Barrel-Aged Beers: Some microbreweries in Antwerp experiment with aging their beers in oak barrels, adding depth and complexity to the brews. Barrel-aged stouts, porters, and sour beers can be found in select craft beer bars, offering a delightful tasting experience.

4. Experimental Ingredients: Craft brewers in Antwerp love to experiment with unique ingredients, such as local fruits, spices, and even coffee and chocolate. These creative additions create distinctive and innovative flavor profiles that are sure to surprise and delight beer enthusiasts.

Beer Tasting Tours in Antwerp

Beer tasting tours in Antwerp offer a delightful and immersive experience for beer enthusiasts seeking to explore the city’s rich brewing heritage. These guided journeys take visitors on a captivating adventure through various breweries and beer-focused venues, offering insights into the art of brewing and the diverse flavors of Belgian beers. Let’s dive into the best beer tasting tours in Antwerp and uncover tips for making the most of this unique experience.

Best Beer Tasting Tours in Antwerp

1. Antwerp: City Brewery De Koninck Interactive Tour

Dive into an interactive brewery tour at the Antwerp City Brewery. Learn all about Antwerp as a beer city, about the history of Belgian beers and the entire brewing process in various themed rooms. Numerous interactive and audiovisual effects ensure a fully immersive experience. On the four-meter-high bridge in the brew house, you can feel the power of the brewery. You be treated to a perfectly poured beer before and during your visit.

2. Antwerp BeerWalk with English Guide

Antwerp has seen a lot over its 1600-year history, yet for a city with so much history it maintains a freshness that always seems to be looking forward. Maybe it’s all the beer they drink! Join in for a round (or five) during this half-day pub crawl while stopping by some of the city’s most famous sites to discover its fascinating history.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Tasting Experience

1. Stay Curious and Ask Questions: Beer tasting tours are an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge about beer and brewing. Don’t hesitate to ask the tour guides and brewmasters questions about the beers, brewing techniques, and the history of the breweries. The more you engage, the more enriching your experience will be.

2. Pace Yourself: Beer tasting tours often involve sampling multiple beers throughout the day. Pace yourself and avoid rushing through tastings. Savor each beer and take notes on the flavors, aromas, and unique characteristics of each brew.

3. Experiment with Different Styles: Antwerp’s beer scene offers a vast array of beer styles, from traditional Belgian ales to experimental craft brews. Embrace the opportunity to try different styles, even if they are outside your usual preferences. You might discover new favorites and develop a deeper appreciation for the diversity of beer.

4. Pair Beer with Food: Many beer tasting tours offer food pairings to complement the beers being sampled. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore how different beers interact with various flavors. Food pairings can enhance the tasting experience, bringing out new dimensions in both the beer and the cuisine.

5. Take Notes: Bring a notebook or use your smartphone to jot down your impressions of each beer you taste. Recording your thoughts and preferences will not only help you remember your favorites but also serve as a valuable reference for future beer tasting adventures.

6. Enjoy the Social Aspect: Beer tasting tours are a chance to connect with fellow beer enthusiasts and share your passion for brewing. Engage in conversations with other participants, exchange recommendations, and embrace the camaraderie that comes with a shared love for beer.

Unique Beer Experiences in Antwerp

Beyond the traditional brewery tours and craft beer bars, Antwerp offers a myriad of unique beer experiences that go beyond the ordinary. These unconventional beer-related activities showcase the city’s deep-rooted love for beer and its dedication to fostering a vibrant and diverse beer culture. 

Beer and Food Pairing Events

Antwerp boasts a rich culinary tradition, and beer plays a prominent role in enhancing the dining experience. Beer and food pairing events offer a harmonious marriage of flavors, showcasing how different beer styles can complement and elevate various dishes.

Local beer restaurants and craft beer bars regularly host beer pairing dinners, where expert chefs curate multi-course menus specifically designed to pair with a selection of beers. Participants embark on a gastronomic journey, discovering how the nuances of beer flavors interact with the complexities of different cuisines. Whether it’s matching tangy lambics with savory dishes or rich, malty beers with sweet desserts, these events offer a symphony of tastes that tantalize the palate.

2. Beer Festivals

Antwerp’s beer festivals are jubilant celebrations that bring together beer enthusiasts from around the world. These events provide a platform for both established breweries and emerging craft brewers to showcase their brews to an eager audience. From classic Belgian styles to experimental and innovative creations, beer festivals feature an impressive range of beers for tasting.

One of the most notable beer festivals in Antwerp is the “Antwerp Beer Passion Festival.” This annual extravaganza transforms the city into a beer lover’s paradise, offering a vast selection of Belgian and international beers. Attendees can enjoy live music, indulge in delectable beer and food pairings, and interact with passionate brewers. The festival fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among beer enthusiasts, highlighting the integral role beer plays in Antwerp’s social fabric.

3. Beer Culture Walks

For those seeking a deeper connection with Antwerp’s beer history and culture, beer culture walks offer an enlightening and immersive experience. Led by knowledgeable guides, these walking tours take participants through the city’s historic neighborhoods, visiting notable beer-related landmarks and hidden gems.

The beer culture walks often include stops at traditional pubs with centuries-old brewing stories, iconic breweries, and landmarks that pay homage to beer’s significance in Antwerp’s past and present. Participants learn about the city’s brewing heritage, the evolution of beer styles, and the customs surrounding beer consumption in Antwerp. These walks provide a fascinating glimpse into how beer has shaped the city’s identity and fostered a sense of pride among its residents.

4. Brewery Open Days

Some of Antwerp’s breweries open their doors to the public on special occasions, inviting visitors to experience the brewing process up close. During these open days, participants can witness the brewing equipment in action, interact with the brewmasters, and gain insights into the craft of brewing.

Brewery open days provide a rare opportunity to learn about the intricacies of beer production and the dedication required to create exceptional brews. Visitors often get to taste freshly brewed beers straight from the tanks, adding a unique dimension to the tasting experience. These events not only foster a deeper appreciation for the art of brewing but also create a sense of community between the brewers and their audience.

Best Beer and Food Pairings in Antwerp

In Antwerp, the art of pairing beer with food is deeply ingrained in the local culture, and it’s no wonder considering Belgium’s renowned culinary heritage and diverse beer offerings. The city’s rich beer culture offers a plethora of classic and innovative beer and food combinations, each elevating the dining experience and showcasing the harmonious relationship between beer and Belgian cuisine.

1. Classic Pairing: Mussels and Belgian Blonde Ale

A classic pairing that epitomizes Belgian gastronomy is mussels and Belgian Blonde Ale. Known as “mosselen met friet” (mussels with fries), this dish combines plump, tender mussels steamed in a flavorful broth with crispy Belgian fries. The rich flavors of the mussels are beautifully complemented by the fruity and malt-forward profile of a Belgian Blonde Ale. The beer’s effervescence and gentle bitterness help cleanse the palate, making each succulent bite of mussels a delight.

2. Innovative Pairing: Chocolate and Belgian Stout

Belgium is renowned for its chocolate, and when paired with a robust Belgian Stout, the experience becomes truly unforgettable. The intense and roasty flavors of the stout harmonize with the richness of the chocolate, creating a symphony of dark and decadent tastes. Choose a chocolate with varying cocoa percentages to explore how different stouts interact with the sweetness and bitterness of the chocolate.

3. Classic Pairing: Flemish Stew and Belgian Dubbel

Flemish Stew, or “stoofvlees,” is a beloved Belgian dish, featuring tender beef slow-cooked in a flavorful beer-based sauce. Pairing it with a Belgian Dubbel adds a layer of complexity to the meal. The caramel and dark fruit notes of the Dubbel complement the richness of the stew, while the beer’s mild spiciness balances the dish’s hearty flavors.

4. Innovative Pairing: Cheese and Belgian Tripel

Belgium is home to a wide variety of delectable cheeses, and pairing them with a Belgian Tripel creates a delightful contrast. The Tripel’s fruity esters and slight sweetness enhance the creamy, nutty flavors of the cheese, creating a harmonious balance of tastes. Try it with aged Gouda, a tangy goat cheese, or a robust Trappist cheese for a memorable experience.

Significance of Pairing Beer with Food in Belgian Tradition

The tradition of pairing beer with food in Belgium is deeply rooted in the country’s culinary heritage and beer culture. Belgian beers are known for their diverse range of flavors, with each style having its unique characteristics. Pairing beer with food not only enhances the dining experience but also showcases the complexity and versatility of Belgian beers.

In Belgian tradition, beer is considered an integral part of the meal, much like wine is in other cultures. The variety of beer styles available in Belgium means there is a suitable brew to accompany every dish. Whether it’s a refreshing wheat beer with a light salad or a bold Quadrupel with a rich dessert, beer brings out the best in Belgian cuisine, elevating the flavors and creating a delightful interplay of tastes.

Additionally, beer’s carbonation and bitterness act as palate cleansers, refreshing the taste buds between bites and preparing them for the next course. This unique quality of beer ensures that each dish is savored with renewed enthusiasm, making the meal a truly immersive and enjoyable experience.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Beer Spots in Antwerp

While Antwerp’s popular breweries and craft beer bars are well worth a visit, the city also boasts a treasure trove of hidden gems that offer exceptional beer experiences away from the touristy areas. These lesser-known beer spots embody the authentic spirit of Antwerp’s beer culture and provide a unique and immersive journey for those willing to explore beyond the beaten path. Let’s uncover some of these off-the-radar places that promise delightful surprises for beer enthusiasts.

1. Cafe Bier Central

While it might not be as frequented by tourists, Cafe Bier Central is a haven for beer enthusiasts seeking an authentic Belgian beer experience. This cozy bar, located just off the bustling Meir shopping street, boasts an impressive list of more than 300 beers. The knowledgeable staff is always eager to recommend lesser-known brews, making it an excellent place to discover new and exciting flavors.

2. Butcher’s Tears at De Koninck City Brewery

De Koninck City Brewery, one of Antwerp’s more well-known spots, houses a hidden gem within its premises: Butcher’s Tears. This Amsterdam-based brewery collaborates with De Koninck to create experimental and innovative beers. The taproom is an intimate and atmospheric space, offering a selection of unique and rare brews that are not readily available elsewhere.

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