The 10 best Korean restaurants in Brussels, Belgium 2023

Brussels, Belgium, is home to a fantastic array of Korean dining options. In this list, we've rounded up the top 10 Korean restaurants in the city, offering a diverse range of flavors to satisfy your Korean cuisine cravings. From sizzling barbecue to comforting stews, each of these establishments provides a unique take on Korean dishes. 

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IYAGI brussels


Rue Longue Vie 40, 1050 Bruxelles

YAGI is a cozy eatery located in central Brussels, where a passionate Korean chef and a Belgian entrepreneur collaborate to bring the flavors of delicious and healthy Korean cuisine to the city. The chef, 세민 (pronounced “Sé Min”), presents a selection of five traditional Korean dishes.

The menu includes Jayuk, Bulgogi, Bossam, Japchae, and Bibimbap, with options for medium or large servings, accompanied by rice or noodles. You can also enhance your meal with their homemade kimchi or kimchi pancakes.

Hana Restaurant

Rue Saint-Boniface 21, 1050 Ixelles

Hana Restaurant, a hidden gem nestled in the delightful Saint-Boniface neighborhood beckons with its authentic Japanese and Korean dishes. It’s is lovingly managed by friendly Korean proprietors who whip up a delightful selection of bibimbap, kimchi jjigae, sushi, grilled fish, and soul-soothing ramen soup.

Gogi Korean BBQ in brussels

Gogi Korean BBQ

Quai aux Briques 18, 1000 Bruxelles

At Gogi Korean BBQ, you’re in for a treat with a menu that boasts a variety of delectable Korean dishes. Their claim to fame is their “fried chicken,” often lauded as the closest to what you’d find in South Korea. This crispy delight has won over the hearts of many. Additionally, they offer the famous and delicious Korean noodles, Topokki (or Tteokbokki). For those craving a well-rounded Korean meal, Bibimbap is on the menu – a harmonious blend of rice, beef, sautéed or blanched vegetables, seasoned to perfection, and topped with a fried egg, all drizzled with Korean chili paste.

To complement your flavorsome meal, be sure to explore their cocktail selection. The Gogi Tower, known for its distinctive tower shape, comes highly recommended by online enthusiasts.

Sekai Corndog

Sekai Corndog

Rue de l’Enseignement 72, 1000 Bruxelles

Renowned for their signature corndogs, Sekai offer four variations filled with a range of scrumptious fillings and toppings. And if you’re looking to quench your thirst with something equally delightful, don’t miss their delicious bubble tea.

Anju korean restaurant in Brussels


Rue de la Source 73, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Anju, situated in Saint Gilles, is the brainchild of Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre, renowned for his double Michelin-starred restaurant L’air du temps. This trendy and minimalist spot showcases Chef Degeimbre’s exploration of his Korean roots.

The diverse menu has a range of traditional Korean dishes, emphasizing the honesty of sourcing local ingredients. It boasts dishes such as yukhoe raw beef with sesame, pajeon Korean pancakes with seasonal vegetables and kimchi, and galbi beef, a variation of bulgogi that uses beef short ribs.

Bap & Dak brussels

Bap & Dak

Rue Lesbroussart 55, 1050 Ixelles

The owner’s love for Korean cuisine and the desire to find the perfect Bibimbap and fried chicken in Brussels fueled the creation of Bap & Dak. What began as a mono-dish concept quickly expanded to a Korean counter, offering starters, mains, and sides. Alongside the delectable food, patrons can enjoy Brussels-made draft beers, Soju, a Brussels Mule made with local vodka, and an array of natural wines. 


Rue Lesbroussart 49, 1050 Ixelles

At Itaewon, the focus is on the essence of Korean lifestyle, emphasizing hard work, friendship, and the joy of coming together for an honest Korean BBQ dinner, complemented by refreshing Soju drinks.

Their all-you-can-eat menu means you can indulge in a wide range of Korean specialties, with a built-in charcoal-heated plate at each table for grilling meat, shrimp, and vegetables. Traditional dishes like bibimbap, kimbap, noodles, and topokki are also on the menu, and a bottle of Soju, known as “the vodka of Korea,” completes the experience. 



Pt Rue au Beurre 14, 1000 Bruxelles

Nom Pow is an asian canteen serving small plates – fried chicken, gua bao and more. They put a modern twist on classic Korean recipes, centered around the freshest ingredients. 

Kihap brussels


Rue Grétry 73, 1000 Bruxelles

Kihap is your go-to destination for scrumptious Korean-style fried chicken. It’s cripsy, juicy and bursting with flavour, pairing perfectly with their sauces. You’ll also get a generous portion of fries to complete the dish. With fast and friendly service, as well as reasonable prices, it’s a must visit if you’re craving fried chicken.


Chau. de Waterloo 510, 1050 Ixelles

Maru, a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant located on chaussée de Waterloo, presents a refined Korean dining experience. 

The menu features iconic Korean dishes like the famous bibimbap, served in a steaming hot stone pot, creating a unique crispy rice texture. Evenings at Maru come alive with individual barbecues, where the owner, Kyky herself may assist in ensuring the meat is cooked to perfection. Standout dishes include the Yukhwe, a beef tartare with raw pear strips that simply melts in the mouth, and the Jabchae, a sweet potato noodle dish that’s a delightful revelation. Both starters are generously portioned and can even serve as small mains. The Yukhwe Bibimbap is a must-try, especially if you enjoy a bit of spiciness. For lunch, a two-course menu is available for 18€.

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