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Warung Gauri

Type: Warung

Known for: Indonesian Food

Warung Gauri, Jl. Bisma No.25, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Uncovering an affordable and tranquil eatery with a picturesque rice paddy backdrop is a rarity in Bali, making the discovery of Warung Gauri a true treasure. Nestled within a quiet alley in Ubud, this hidden gem may require a deliberate search to unveil. While its exterior modestly belies its charm, stepping inside reveals an unexpectedly spacious and inviting space.

Warung Gauri offers a distinctive dining escapade, where the interior boasts ample seating to accommodate larger groups, an indoor garden, and an enchanting koi pond. This setting truly encapsulates the essence of Balinese ambiance, creating a haven of serenity.

The menu at Warung Gauri unveils a selection of uncomplicated yet immensely flavorful Indonesian dishes, encompassing classics like mie goreng, nasi campur, and nasi goreng. What distinguishes this establishment is its remarkably budget-friendly pricing, with a majority of their main courses priced under $4. Among their delightful offerings, Gado Gado stands out—a harmonious medley of tofu, tempeh, and vegetables bathed in a delectable peanut sauce. The exquisite balance of sweet and tangy flavors within this dish leaves a lasting and delightful impression.

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