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Shoryu Ramen

Type: Restaurant

Known for: Ramen

Shoryu Ramen, 3 Denman St, London W1D 7HA, United Kingdom

Shoryu Ramen, a well-loved ramen chain with branches in London, Manchester, and Oxford, welcomes you with the tantalizing scent of their tonkotsu broth the moment you step in. This rich and savory broth undergoes a slow 12-hour simmer, resulting in a lusciously smooth consistency that embraces the noodles. You have the freedom to customize your ramen bowl by selecting your preferred noodle firmness. And for those who can’t get enough of their delightful ramen, you can now savor it in the comfort of your home. Shoryu Ramen offers take-home kits, available for purchase at The Japan Centre on Leicester Square, ensuring you can enjoy their flavors whenever you please.

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