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Type: Restaurant

Lunsjes Kasteelpleinstraat 71/1, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Situated in Antwerp, Lunsjes is a captivating restaurant renowned for its exceptional blend of European and Asian cuisine. The name “Lunsjes” originates from the Chinese term, Lùn Chī, signifying “discussions about food.” This concept comes to life in the restaurant’s ambiance, encouraging guests to indulge in lively conversations while savoring their delectable meals.

Lunsjes’ menu showcases an array of dishes artfully crafted for sharing, making it an ideal destination for groups. Drawing inspiration from both European and Asian flavors, the fusion results in a tantalizing and distinct culinary experience. Among the restaurant’s beloved offerings are the Korean Fried Chicken, the Wagyu Beef Tataki, and the Steamed Bao with Pork Belly.

Earned through the acclaim of locals and tourists alike, Lunsjes impresses with its exceptional cuisine and top-notch service. The interior exudes modern elegance, setting a stylish tone with a cozy ambiance, perfect for a romantic dinner or an enjoyable evening out with friends.

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