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Interlaken Travel Guide

A picturesque alpine town nestled between two stunning lakes, surrounded by majestic mountains, and offering thrilling adventures for outdoor enthusiasts.

Interlaken is a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, known for its stunning natural beauty and adventurous spirit. Located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, the town offers a breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and serene lakes.

Interlaken is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, offering a wide range of adrenaline-pumping activities such as paragliding, skydiving, bungee jumping, and white-water rafting. The nearby Jungfrau region provides excellent opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, making it a popular destination year-round for those seeking adventure and exploration.

Beyond its thrilling adventures, Interlaken exudes a charming and laid-back ambiance, with its quaint streets lined with chalet-style buildings, Swiss restaurants, and charming cafes. Visitors can immerse themselves in Swiss culture by trying traditional dishes like fondue and raclette, and exploring local markets for Swiss-made souvenirs and crafts.

Interlaken’s strategic location also makes it a gateway to numerous nearby attractions, including the Jungfraujoch, the “Top of Europe,” where visitors can experience breathtaking views from one of Europe’s highest train stations.

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When to visit Interlaken

The best time to visit Interlaken is during the summer months, from June to September. This period offers pleasant weather, with warm temperatures and longer daylight hours, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the surrounding alpine landscapes.

Summer in Interlaken is perfect for hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, and other adventure sports, as well as enjoying boat trips on the nearby lakes. The region’s lush greenery and blooming wildflowers add to the scenic beauty during this time.

If you prefer winter sports, visiting Interlaken during the winter months, from December to February, is the best option. The region becomes a winter wonderland, offering excellent opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow-related activities in the nearby Jungfrau region.

Spring and autumn are shoulder seasons in Interlaken, offering a quieter experience with fewer tourists and often more affordable accommodation options. Spring brings colorful blooms and mild temperatures, while autumn showcases beautiful fall foliage, making both seasons great for leisurely exploration and relaxation.

The official currency used in Interlaken and throughout Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Interlaken’s cuisine is a delightful blend of traditional Swiss flavors and international influences, catering to a diverse range of tastes. Swiss dishes like fondue and raclette take center stage, offering a delicious experience of melting cheese served with bread and a variety of accompaniments. Rösti, a potato dish, is another Swiss specialty, often served as a side or main course with various toppings.

Given its international appeal, Interlaken also offers a wide array of dining options, including Italian, French, and Asian cuisines. Visitors can indulge in gourmet meals at upscale restaurants or savor casual bites at cozy cafes. Swiss chocolate and pastries are must-tries, and local bakeries offer delectable treats to satisfy sweet cravings.

In addition to the culinary delights, Interlaken’s dining experiences often come with breathtaking views of the surrounding alpine landscapes, creating a delightful ambiance that complements the delicious flavors.

Tipping in Interlaken and Switzerland, in general, is not obligatory, as a service charge is usually included in the bill at hotels and restaurants. However, leaving a tip as a gesture of appreciation for excellent service is common and appreciated.

In restaurants, it is customary to round up the bill or leave a small tip of about 5-10% if you are satisfied with the service. Some restaurants may include a service charge, so it’s essential to check the bill before leaving an additional tip.

Transport in Interlaken is efficient and well-connected, offering convenient options for getting around the town and exploring the surrounding alpine region. The town itself is relatively compact and easily navigable on foot, allowing visitors to stroll through charming streets and enjoy the picturesque views.

For longer distances or when venturing to nearby attractions, public transportation is the preferred choice. The Swiss public transport system, including trains and buses, is renowned for its punctuality and reliability. The Interlaken West and Interlaken Ost train stations serve as major transportation hubs, providing connections to various destinations within Switzerland and beyond.

Additionally, visitors can take advantage of boat cruises on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, providing a scenic and leisurely way to enjoy the stunning lake views and access nearby towns. The region also offers rental car services, allowing travelers to explore the beautiful Swiss countryside at their own pace.

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