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Brighton Travel Guide

A vibrant coastal city where beachside charm meets a lively cultural scene

Known for its lively atmosphere and bohemian charm, Brighton offers a unique blend of history, culture, and seaside entertainment. The city is famous for its iconic pebble beach, lined with colorful beach huts and bustling with activity during the summer months. Brighton Pier, with its array of thrilling rides, arcade games, and delicious street food, is a popular attraction for visitors of all ages. The vibrant North Laine and The Lanes districts are home to an eclectic mix of independent shops, boutiques, and cafes, making it a paradise for shoppers and foodies. The city also boasts a rich cultural scene, with a wide range of art galleries, theaters, and live music venues.

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When to visit Brighton

The summer months of June to August are the peak tourist season when the city comes alive with vibrant energy, festivals, and events. The beach is bustling, and the weather is generally warm and pleasant. However, it can be crowded, and accommodation prices tend to be higher during this period. Spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) offer milder temperatures, fewer crowds, and a more relaxed atmosphere.

The currency used in Brighton, as well as in the rest of the United Kingdom, is the British Pound Sterling (GBP).

With a range of restaurants, cafes, and street food vendors, you can indulge in a variety of cuisines. From traditional British fish and chips to international flavors like Thai, Indian, Italian, and more, there’s a multitude of options to satisfy all taste buds. Additionally, Brighton is known for its vegetarian and vegan-friendly offerings, with numerous eateries specializing in plant-based cuisine.

In restaurants, it is customary to leave a gratuity of around 10-15% of the total bill, although some establishments may include a service charge. If a service charge is already included, it is not mandatory to tip further, but you can still leave a small amount for exceptional service.

The city has an efficient public transportation system, including buses that cover most areas, with frequent services and well-connected routes. Additionally, there is a convenient train network that connects Brighton to other major cities in the UK.

For those who prefer cycling, Brighton has a bike-sharing scheme called BTN BikeShare. Taxis and ride-hailing services are also available for more direct and convenient transportation.

The city’s compact size and pedestrian-friendly streets make it easy to navigate on foot.

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