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15 Best Restaurants In Interlaken, Switzerland 2024

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Interlaken is a beautiful tourist destination located in the heart of Switzerland. While there are many things to do and see in the area, one of the most important parts of any travel experience is the food. Interlaken has amazing restaurants that serve traditional Swiss cuisine, as well as international dishes. In this article, we’ll highlight the best restaurants in Interlaken.

1. Alpenblick Restaurant

Oberdorfstrasse 3, Wilderswil, Interlaken 3812 Switzerland

If you’re looking for a traditional Swiss dining experience, then Alpenblick Restaurant is a must-visit. This cosy chalet and restaurant has been serving traditional Swiss cuisine for over 100 years, and has been owned by the same husband and wife team since 1980. It’s located in the picturesque town of Beatenberg, just a short drive from Interlaken. The menu includes elevated Swiss dishes like cheese fondue, rosti, and schnitzel, as well as a variety of meats and fish.


2. Restaurant Taverne

Interlakenstrasse 92, Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland

Restaurant Taverne is a charming family run Swiss restaurant located in the village of Matten bei Interlaken. The menu features a range of traditional Swiss dishes, including raclette, fondue, and various meat dishes.

The chef-recommended dish is their slow cooked pork belly, which comes served with smokey honey marinade, pumpkin puree, roasted potatoes and romano beans. If you opt for the alpen cheese fondue, it comes served with a delicious selection of bread, baked potatoes and pickles.


3. Grand Cafe Restaurant Schuh

Hauptstrasse 24, Unterseen, Switzerland

Restaurant Schuh is another great option for traditional Swiss cuisine. Luxurious and elegant, it has a lovely terrace for the summer months. The restaurant is in the charming village of Unterseen, just a short walk from Interlaken.

The menu features classic Swiss dishes like rosti, cheese fondue, and various meat dishes. Everything here has been made with fresh and local ingredients.

Make sure you leave room for dessert – they are known for their specialty chocolate and pastries, which you can also buy in the adjoining shop. 


4. KM Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, Marktgasse 20, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is known for its abundance of Indian restaurants, but KM Taj Mahal is perhaps the best. It’s the most popular in town and is always full of people enjoying their homemade curries. 

They serve a huge range of dishes, with plenty of options for vegetarians.


5. Restaurant Des Alpes

Centralstrasse 33, Interlaken, Switzerland

Restaurant Des Alpes is another great option for international cuisine. The restaurant serves a range of dishes from different parts of the world, including Asian, Italian, and Swiss cuisine. The menu includes classics like pizza and pasta, as well as local dishes like rosti and cheese fondue.


6. Pizzeria Horn

Höheweg 37, Interlaken, Switzerland

Pizzeria Horn is a casual restaurant located in the heart of Interlaken. The restaurant serves authentic Italian pizza made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. The menu also includes a range of other Italian dishes, like pasta and antipasti.


7. La Terrasse

Dorfstrasse 106, Wengen, Switzerland

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, then Restaurant La Terrasse, based in Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa, is a great choice and has been acclaimed by the Michelin Guide. The restaurant is in the beautiful village of Wengen, a short train ride from Interlaken. The menu features a range of gourmet dishes made with local and seasonal ingredients. You’ll find plenty of meat and fish dishes, as well as vegetarian options. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list featuring local and international wines.


8. Hüsi Bierhaus

Obere Gasse 27, Interlaken, Switzerland

Restaurant Hüsi Bierhaus is a budget-friendly option for dining in Interlaken. The restaurant serves a range of dishes, including burgers, salads, and pasta, as well as Swiss classics like rosti and cheese fondue. The restaurant also has a great selection of local and international beers. They have a great view of the alps, and have a comfy interior that makes you feel at home.


9. Little Thai

Hauptstrasse 19, 3800 Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland

Little Thai is a small restaurant serving delicious Asian food. Some of their best includes spring rolls, papaya salad, pad thai, and thai curries. If you don’t like Thai, they also have a few German, American and Japanese dishes on the menu.

They have a great range of craft beers to enjoy with your meal.


10. Ox Restaurant

Marktgasse 10, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

The Ox Restaurant has an inviting atmosphere, serving simple dishes made from high quality produce. They specialise in meat dishes, particularly beef. Considered to have the best steak in town, they have a wide selection of sides and sauces to go with it. 


11. Aare Korean BBQ Restaurant

Strandbadstrasse 15, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

This Korean barbecue spot is one of the best restaurants in Interlaken. You can try all the top hitters of Korean cuisine, including Bulgogi, Japchae and Bibimbap. There’s a lovely view of Jungfrau and the Aare river from the restaurant.


12. Restaurant Flamenco Interlaken

Blumenstrasse 16, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

If you’re in the mood for some different European cuisine, head to Flamenco for tapas – Spanish-style meat and seafood. Everything is freshly prepared and they host regular live music, so you’re in for a night of entertainment. The idea here is that you order a range of small tapas dishes to share among your group, ideally alongside a bottle of wine!


13. El Azteca

Jungfraustrasse 30, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

As the only Mexican restaurant in the Bernese Oberland, El Azteca is the place to go for your taco fix. They have live music on Fridays and Saturdays from October to May from a mariachi band, creating a fun night out. It’s a small and cosy spot, and you’ve got to try their margaritas!


14. Asllanis Corner

Höheweg 94, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

This is a trendy burger spot much loved by both locals and tourists. The menu is typical of a burger joint, with beef, chicken and veg options as well as fresh Berliner doughnuts for dessert.

Go for the Raclette Burger for the proper Swiss experience, served with fresh coleslaw and delicious homemade fries. 


15. Top o’ Met

Höheweg 37, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

Set on the terrace of the luxe Hotel Metropole, come here for the view and a cocktail. Come here any time of day – the breakfast pastries are delicious, as is the lunch and dinner menu. You must try their amazing homemade ice cream for dessert.

Map of the best restaurants in Interlaken

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Best Interlaken Restaurants FAQs

What food is Interlaken known for?

Interlaken in Switzerland is renowned for its delectable Swiss cuisine. Try traditional dishes like fondue and raclette, featuring melted cheese goodness. Indulge in hearty Swiss chocolate, and savor rosti, a delicious potato dish. Explore local bakeries for fresh pastries and enjoy Swiss-style muesli for breakfast. Don’t miss out on sampling regional cheeses and pairing them with local wines.

Why does Interlaken have so many Indian restaurants?

Interlaken boasts many Indian restaurants due to its popularity among Indian tourists. The scenic landscapes and adventure activities in the region attract a significant number of visitors from India. To cater to this demographic, local businesses, including restaurants, have adapted by offering Indian cuisine.

What is there to do in Interlaken at night?

Interlaken comes alive at night with various activities. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife by exploring local bars and pubs. Some places offer live music and entertainment. Take a stroll along the Aare River or enjoy the beautifully lit streets. You can also try your luck at the casino or attend cultural events and festivals if scheduled. The serene atmosphere and stunning views of the surrounding mountains add to the charm of Interlaken after dark.

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