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10 best places for traditional Scottish breakfast in Edinburgh 2024

Are you planning a trip to the city of Edinburgh? Well, you're in for a treat, especially if you're a fan of hearty and delicious breakfasts. Edinburgh is renowned for its delectable Scottish breakfasts, and there's no better way to start your day than with a plate piled high with traditional fare.

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From the iconic haggis to the mouthwatering black pudding, a Scottish breakfast is a feast like no other. But where can you find the best places for the most important meal of the day? We’ve done the research for you. In this article, we will explore the top restaurants and cafes in Edinburgh that serve up the perfect Scottish breakfast. If you want to fuel up for a day of exploring, or simply want to indulge in the local cuisine, read on.

What is in a traditional Scottish breakfast?

There’s not a lot of difference between a full English and full Scottish breakfast. You’ll find tomatoes, fried eggs, bacon and mushrooms in both. What makes a Scottish breakfast different to the rest is the addition of some tasty Scottish food, like tattie scones (fried mashed potatoes and flour), Lorne sausages (made with beef or pork), haggis and black pudding. A lot of people also add oatcakes paired with cheese, jam or butter.

You might also get a side dish of traditional Scottish porridge oats boiled in water. 

Is Haggis a breakfast food?

Although haggis wasn’t traditionally served as part of breakfast, slices have long been added to a full Scottish Breakfast to distinguish it from an English breakfast. 

1. The Edinburgh Larder

15 Blackfriars St, Edinburgh EH1 1NB

Tucked away in a quaint side street just two minutes from Edinburgh’s iconic Royal Mile, you’ll find a hidden gem: The Edinburgh Larder. Renowned for its commitment to locally sourced, seasonal food, this charming café is a pit stop you won’t want to miss. From early morning till 3pm every day, it serves a tantalising variety of breakfast dishes. Foodies would particularly enjoy trying their Full Scottish Breakfast. A satisfying platter, it includes crispy bacon, flavourful black pudding, haggis, Cumberland sausage, simmering cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, potato scone, beans, eggs and toast. For those preferring a plant-based meal, they also offer a sumptuous vegetarian version.

Scottish breakfast price: £15.95

2. Southern Cross Cafe

63A Cockburn St, Edinburgh EH1 1BU

 Located in the heart of the Old Town, Southern Cross Cafe makes for an ideal stop for tourists and locals alike. This charming establishment is known for its sweeping variety of meals, most notably its all-day breakfast. Whether you’re an early riser or someone who relishes brunch, this cozy nook invites you to indulge in their Full Scottish Breakfast.

Served steaming hot, this hearty meal features a classic array of items including a freshly cooked egg, crispy bacon, succulent sausage, traditional Scottish dish of tattie scone, warm baked beans, juicy mushrooms, haggis elegant in its rich flavor, ripe tomato, and crunchy toast. Conveniently nestled among beautiful old architecture, it’s a delicious way to start your day.

Scottish breakfast price: £10.95

3. The Coffee Mill Cafe

 54 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2LD

Nestled in the heart of the city, the Coffee Mill Cafe is a charming and cosy family-run cafe renowned for its all-day breakfast offer. Taking pride in its diverse menu, the cafe’s signature dish is the full Scottish breakfast, an indulgent platter loaded with traditional staples like perfectly cooked eggs, crispy bacon, juicy sausages, rich black pudding, hearty haggis, fluffy potato scones and a generous heap of beans, mushrooms, tomato, and toast.

What makes the Coffee Mill Cafe special is its universal appeal – besides its authentic Scottish breakfast, this enchanting cafe also offers a selection of British, American, Veggie and Mediterranean breakfast options. It’s this flair for creating an inclusive menu that transcends borders, coupled with its cosy atmosphere and warm service, that has earned the Coffee Mill Cafe a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Discover the taste of culinary diversity at the Coffee Mill Cafe, where the most important meal of the day is served with love and finesse all day.

Scottish breakfast price: £10.95

4. SEVEN Neighbourhood Cafe

7 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9JR

SEVEN Neighbourhood Cafe, one of the hottest breakfast spots in Edinburgh, is a truly distinctive and inviting eatery. Its vibrant bright pink interior and lush, leafy decor give it an edge of whimsy and charm that sets it apart from the standard breakfast joints. This cosy café provides an authentic, warm venue where patrons can relax and enjoy some of the finest breakfast options in town.

Their Scottish breakfast is a must-try, featuring a hearty plate of bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, haggis, hash browns and fresh sourdough toast; a veritable feast to start the day in true Scottish style. What’s more, SEVEN Neighbourhood Cafe doesn’t hesitate in catering to diverse dietary requirements; it offers excellent vegan and vegetarian options, ensuring that everyone leaves with a satisfied palate. If you’re in Edinburgh and looking for a taste of local culture with a modern twist – SEVEN Neighbourhood Cafe is a guaranteed treat.

Scottish breakfast price: £11.50

5. EM’s Kitchen

38 St Mary’s St, Edinburgh EH1 1SX

EM’s Kitchen is a charming baby pink café nestled in the heart of the city, fast becoming the go-to spot for breakfast, brunch, and lunch enthusiasts. Earning a robust reputation among locals, it attracts a large crowd all week with its innovative menu packed with a plethora of fresh and tasty delicacies. The place’s most tempting pick is EM’s XL Breakfast, an indulgent platter laden with bacon, sausage, black pudding, haggis, egg, beans, tattie scone, hash brown, mushroom, tomatoes, and toast, enough to energize you for the entire day.

If you have a preference for something less traditional, EM’s Kitchen offers a variety of delightful options. Mouthwatering pancakes and the contemporary favourite smashed avocado are just a few examples. With such a versatile menu, this pink gem has something to offer every palate.

Scottish breakfast price: £12

6. The Pantry

1 N W Circus Pl, Edinburgh EH3 6ST

Situated at the crossroads of the vibrant New Town and the cozy Stockbridge, The Pantry is a trendy casual cafe with an upbeat atmosphere.

The Pantry’s commitment to serving the freshest food is impressive; going the extra mile to maintain strong relationships with nearby farms and local producers to source their ingredients. Visitors rave about their ‘pantry fry’, a delightful take on a traditional Scottish breakfast. This platter brims with posh pork sausages, tempting streaky bacon, rich black pudding, flavorful haggis and a paprika grilled tomato. Complimenting this breakfast are hearty baked beans, savory confit mushrooms, a crispy hash brown, and a perfectly poached egg. 

Scottish breakfast price: £15

7. Teuchters Landing

1c Dock Pl, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6LU

Teuchters Landing, located in Leith, is a delightful cosy and traditional pub set in a converted waterside warehouse. Providing an authentic Scottish atmosphere, the pub’s name – ‘Teuchter’ – which is Scottish slang for ‘Highlander’, subtly indicates the theme that the chain embodies.

It boasts of an extensive menu, the star attraction being the ‘big carnivores breakfast.’ An array of mouthwatering dishes make up this generous spread including pork and lorne sausages, smokey bacon, spicy haggis, black pudding, tattie scone, fresh mushrooms, grilled tomato, rich baked beans, a choice of eggs, the unique Aberdeen buttery – a delicious variant of a croissant, and freshly baked toast.

In addition to this hearty feast, Teuchters Landing ensures to cater to various diet preferences by offering vegetarian and vegan alternatives. To complement your meal, they suggest their fresh, succulent oysters, served with a lively dash of Tabasco. This quintessentially Scottish feast at Teuchters Landing is a culinary experience you won’t forget. 

Scottish breakfast price: £14

8. Loudons

94B Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QA

Loudons is a large and airy cafe that is known for its delicious breakfast options. Whether you’re a carnivore or a vegetarian, Loudons has something for everyone.

Their full breakfast is available all day and includes bacon, sausage, haggis, black pudding, potato scone, baked beans, mushroom, tomato, and egg – a true feast to start your day.

If you’re not in the mood for a full breakfast, Loudons offers other mouthwatering options such as french toast, egg bennys, and pastries. 

Scottish breakfast price: £14

9. Honeycomb & Co

1 Merchiston Pl, Edinburgh EH10 4NP

Honeycomb & Co is a stylish modern restaurant that is known for its delectable brunch options. If you’re looking to satisfy your brunch cravings, this is the place to go.

Not only do they serve amazing food, but their coffee selection is also top-notch. For those with a sweet tooth, the Biscoff latte is a must-try. 

For your Scottish breakfast fill, go for the Honeycomb full breakfast. This hearty meal includes all the classics like bacon, pork sausages, poached eggs, and mushrooms, but they also go the extra mile by adding black pudding, haggis, spicy beans, and sourdough toast.

Scottish breakfast price: £18

10. Salt Cafe

54-56 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 4BZ

Salt Cafe is a firm favourite amongst local students, serving as the perfect brunch spot. What sets Salt Cafe apart is their commitment to using seasonal ingredients and locally sourced produce. They take pride in making all their bacon, sausages, and even gin-cured salmon from scratch, ensuring freshness and quality in every bite.

Go for the butcher’s breakfast, which includes a variety of mouthwatering ingredients such as bacon, sausage, black pudding, haggis, mushroom fricassee, eggs, sriracha baked beans, and sourdough toast.

Salt Cafe also caters to those with dietary restrictions by offering gluten-free and vegetarian versions of their dishes. 

Scottish breakfast price: £16

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