Best day trips from Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is not only known for its delicious chocolates and flavorful waffles but also for its strategic location that allows for easy access to several picturesque neighboring destinations. In just a short drive or train ride, visitors can indulge in the best day trips from Brussels, exploring the enchanting beauty of the surrounding areas.

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One of the best things about planning a day trip or day tour from Brussels is you’re not just restricted to Belgium. The neighboring countries are easily reached. We’ve put together a guide to the best Brussels day trips, showcasing the best Belgium and this area of Europe has to offer.

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Why you should go on a day trip from Brussels

When you travel, it’s sometimes easier to choose a base city to make day trips out of. It’s a lot less stressful than constantly moving around. It’s a great way to see different cities and not waste time travelling.

Brussels is well connected to the rest of Belgium, and surrounding European countries. The train system is one of the best in the world, so it’s very simple to go on great day trips from Brussels.

How to plan your day trip from Brussels

Getting around


The bus might be the cheapest options, but also can be the least convenient. In Brussels, the main bus station is oustide the city centre. This in itself can add 30-60 minutes to your travel time. It’s a similar situation in the destination cities as well.


Train is the best method for convenience. It costs more than the bus, but saves so much time. There are two main stations in Brussels – Central and Midi. Local trains mainly leave from Central, and international trains mainly leave from Midi.


Hiring a car is always an option, and will cut down your travel time usually. However, consider that you’ll have to deal with finding parking which could be an inconvenience. The legal driving age is 18 and they drive on the right hand side of the road. 

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Best and easy day trips from Brussels within Belgium


Antwerp, Belgium’s second and coolest city, is a vibrant destination known for its diamond dealers and fashion houses. The city boasts an impressive history and is filled with Renaissance architecture, which can be seen at the main square. As you wander through the streets, you will be surrounded by beautiful buildings that showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Antwerp is also a popular day trip from Brussels, offering visitors plenty to see and do. Whether you are interested in exploring art at one of the many museums, strolling along the cafe-filled lanes, or visiting the stunning riverside castle, there is something for everyone in Antwerp. The city is a hub of creativity and design, and you can feel the buzz in the air as you explore the trendy shops and galleries. 

How to get to Antwerp from Brussels

One of the most convenient ways is to take a train from Bruxelles-Midi to Antwerpen-Centraal. The journey usually takes between 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the train and route. Trains in Belgium are reliable, comfortable, and offer a scenic view of the countryside during the journey.

Another option is to drive by car, which typically takes around 50 minutes to reach Antwerp from Brussels. However, it is important to note that Antwerp is a Low Emission Zone, and certain vehicles may not be allowed into the city due to environmental considerations. Before planning a car journey, it is recommended to check whether your vehicle is allowed into the city by visiting the Low Emission Zone website. This will help ensure that you comply with the regulations and avoid any penalties for driving in a prohibited zone. 

Best guided tours to Antwerp from Brussels

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Ghent is one of Belgium’s oldest cities, boasting a charming mix of medieval and classic architecture. With its well-preserved buildings and historical landmarks, the city is a delight for history enthusiasts. Fortunately, Ghent’s main sights are easily covered in a day, making it an ideal day trip destination. The city is home to impressive attractions such as the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, a masterpiece from the 15th century, the iconic Belfort belfry dating back to the 14th century, and a 12th century stone castle. Additionally, the waterfront square of Korenmarkt is a must-visit, with its beautiful buildings and lively atmosphere.

For a true taste of local culture, the Graslei area offers a plethora of dining options where locals wine and dine. Ghent is also known for its picturesque canals, and wandering along their shores can easily occupy hours of your time, providing a peaceful and scenic escape from the city’s bustling streets. 

How to get to Ghent from Brussels

Getting to Ghent from Brussels is easy and convenient. One option is to take a train, which runs twice every hour and takes only 36 minutes to reach Ghent. Another option is to drive from Brussels to Ghent by car, which takes approximately 75 minutes. While this may take slightly longer than the train, driving allows for more flexibility and the ability to explore the surrounding areas at your own pace. 

Best guided tours to Antwerp from Brussels

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Bruges, known as the fairy-tale medieval capital city, is a destination that enchants every visitor. Its picturesque cobbled lanes and dreamy canals make it a truly unique place to explore. The grand market squares, filled with towers, historical churches, and almshouses, create a nostalgic atmosphere that transports you back in time. Bruges is a popular destination for day trippers, especially during the warmer months when it comes alive with bustling crowds.

The Markt, a medieval square, is the vocal point of the city, where you can still find horse-drawn carts and the magnificent Belfry Tower. Just a 5-minute walk away is the Basilica of the Holy Blood, a must-visit for those seeking religious artifacts. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the city from the water by booking a canal boat tour, which offers a unique perspective of Bruges’ stunning architecture. And of course, no visit to Bruges is complete without indulging in their world-renowned local chocolate and beers. 

How to get to Bruges from Brussels

There are twice-hourly trains that go from Brussels to Bruges, making it easy to plan your departure. The journey by train takes approximately 90 minutes, offering a scenic ride through the beautiful Belgian countryside. Another option to travel from Brussels to Bruges is by car. The trip usually takes around 90 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. 

Best guided tours to Antwerp from Brussels

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Waterloo Battlefield

The Waterloo Battlefield has been a popular tourist destination since Napoleon’s defeat in 1815. Located just a short day trip away from Brussels, it offers visitors the opportunity to delve into the significant historical events that took place here. One of the highlights of the battlefield is the high-tech underground museum, which provides invaluable insights into the vast expanse of land that is dotted with memorials and historic buildings. This museum helps visitors understand the complexity and scale of the battlefield.

The main battlefield itself is located in Hameau du Lion, which is situated around 3 miles south of central Waterloo town. This particular area holds great significance as it is where the most intense fighting took place. 

How to get to Waterloo from Brussels

One option is to take the TEC bus W, which runs every 30 minutes from Ave Fonsny at Brussels-Midi to Braine-l’Alleud train station. From there, you can switch to bus W to reach the battlefield. Another option is to take the train, which also stops at Braine-l’Alleud, but it takes around 45 minutes from Brussels. It is recommended to get off at Braine-l’Alleud rather than Waterloo station if you choose to take the train. The journey from Brussels to Waterloo by car takes around 45 minutes as well. There are different routes you can take, but the most direct one is via A7 and N5. 

Best guided tours to Waterloo Battlefield from Brussels

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Namur is a charming city located at the convergence of the Meuser and Sambre rivers in Belgium. Crowned by a citadel, Namur was once one of Europe’s most impressive fortresses. The picturesque old town offers visitors plenty to discover, from the beautiful Eglise St-Loup, a baroque church that dates back to the 17th-century, to the plethora of charming museums showcasing the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. Namur also offers a vibrant café scene, with numerous cozy cafes where visitors can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or indulge in some delicious Belgian pastries.

The city is also home to various bookstores and vintage shops, offering a unique shopping experience for book lovers and vintage enthusiasts alike. 

How to get to Namur from Brussels

Trains from Brussels to Namur run frequently and the journey takes around 65 minutes. The train ride is comfortable and offers scenic views of the Belgian countryside along the way. Another option is to travel by car, which takes a similar amount of time. The route from Brussels to Namur is straightforward and well-connected, with highways linking the two cities. 


Tournai is a city located near the French border, making it a popular destination for visitors from both Belgium and France. The city is known for its vibrant atmosphere and beautiful architecture. One of the main attractions in Tournai is the triangular main square, which is surrounded by cafes and offers a lively atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. However, the most iconic landmark in Tournai is the world heritage Notre Dame cathedral. This breathtaking cathedral dominates the city’s skyline and is best known for its ability to withstand the devastating effects of World War II bombs. However, the cathedral’s stability was compromised in 1999 when a freak tornado hit the city, causing damage to its structure. Nonetheless, the interior of Notre Dame cathedral is still a stunning example of evolving architectural styles, featuring intricate details and wonderful craftsmanship. 

How to get to Tournai from Brussels

One of the most convenient ways is to take a train, which usually takes around 70 minutes. Trains depart regularly from Brussels’ main train stations, such as Brussels Central or Brussels Midi. The journey is direct, so there is no need to worry about transfers or connections. Another option is to drive by car, which typically takes around 90 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. The drive from Brussels to Tournai is straightforward, mainly following the E42 highway. However, it is important to note that parking in Tournai may be challenging, especially in the city center. 


 Leuven, an ancient capital and Flanders’ oldest university town, is a charming and vibrant city located only 25 minutes away from Brussels. This historic city has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its prominent brewing industry that dates back to the 13th century. One of the most famous breweries in Leuven is Stella Artois.

In the evening, visitors can experience the lively atmosphere of Oude Markt, which is known as Europe’s longest bar. Here, 30 bars are packed together, creating a bustling hub of social activity. Leuven is also home to several stunning baroque churches that are worth exploring, showcasing impressive architectural details. Among them is the 15th-century Stadhuis, a Gothic architectural wonder with its terraced turrets and intricate stonework. 

How to get to Leuven from Brussels

The journey by train takes approximately 22 minutes, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and hassle-free. Trains from Brussels to Leuven run regularly throughout the day, providing a convenient schedule for travelers. However, if you prefer to drive, the same journey by car will take around 50 minutes. Leuven is a relatively small city, making it easy to navigate on foot or by public transportation once you arrive at the train station. 

Best guided tours to Leuven from Brussels

Leuven Day Trip by Train

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Hasselt, a charming city located in Belgium, is often referred to as the country’s unofficial jenever capital. Known for its production of gin, this picturesque city is a must-visit for gin enthusiasts.

Apart from being a gin-lover’s paradise, Hasselt is also packed with cozy cafes and excellent restaurants. Visitors can explore the vibrant food scene and sample delicious local cuisine while enjoying the city’s relaxed atmosphere. One of the best ways to explore Hasselt is by hiring a bicycle from the old town hall and embarking on a scenic ride to Bokrijk’s country parks. These parks offer a beautiful natural setting, perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. 

How to get to Hasselt from Brussels

One of the quickest options is to take the train, which typically takes around one hour. Trains from Brussels to Hasselt run frequently throughout the day, making it easy to plan your journey. Another option is to drive by car, which usually takes around 80 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. However, it is important to keep in mind that parking in Hasselt can be limited and expensive, so it might be a good idea to check for available parking options beforehand. 


Dinant, located along a riverbank underneath towering cliffs, boasts a striking and picturesque setting. This charming town is a pleasant and beautiful day trip from Brussels, offering visitors a range of activities. One can spend the day visiting the clifftop citadel, which provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding area, and taking a leisurely cruise along the tranquil Meuse River.

For beer enthusiasts, Dinant is particularly notable as it is the birthplace of the famous Leffe abbey ale, as well as being home to a fair amount of other popular beers. Moreover,

Dinant is also known as the hometown of the creator of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax. In tribute to this musical genius, sculptures can be found throughout the city, paying homage to his invention and the influence it has had on the world of music. 

How to get to Dinant from Brussels

There are two main ways to get from Brussels to Dinant: by car or by public transport. If you choose to drive, the journey takes approximately 90 minutes. The route is fairly straightforward, taking the E411 highway southwards from Brussels towards Namur and then following the N92 road to Dinant. However, if you prefer to use public transport, the journey by train and bus is also a convenient option. From Brussels, you can take a train from either Brussels-Central or Brussels-South station to Namur. The train journey lasts around 1 hour. From Namur, you can then catch a bus to Dinant, which takes approximately 30 minutes. Overall, the journey by train and bus takes around 2 hours 15 minutes. 

Best guided tours to Dinant from Brussels

Guided Day Trip to Dinant and Luxembourg

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Knokke is a charming seaside resort located on the beautiful Belgian coast. With its laid-back feel and sophisticated atmosphere, it is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

One of the highlights of Knokke is its vibrant downtown area, which is filled with various shopping places, ranging from high-end boutiques to quaint local shops. For those looking for some adventure, there is also a surfing school where visitors can learn to ride the waves. Additionally, Knokke is home to the stunning Zwin natural park, which offers a picturesque setting for long walks and bike rides.

How to get to Knokke from Brussels

To get to Knokke from Brussels, the easiest and most convenient way is by train. The train journey from Brussels to Knokke takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Once you arrive at the station in Knokke, you can easily explore the town by foot or by renting a bicycle. 


Located in the south of Belgium, Durbuy is often considered one of the most beautiful places to spend a day in the country.  As you step into this medieval town, it feels like time has stood still, with its tiny houses and artisanal shops creating a charming and picturesque atmosphere. The cobblestone paths add to the old-world charm, making it a perfect destination for a leisurely stroll.

Aside from the historical beauty of the town, Durbuy also offers various outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking. The surrounding natural landscape provides a stunning backdrop for adventure seekers to explore. 

How to get to Durbuy from Brussels

Getting to Durbuy from Brussels can be a bit tricky as there is no direct public transport available. However, it is still possible to reach this charming Belgian town by combining a train and a bus ride. The journey takes approximately 3 hours, but the enchanting scenery along the way makes it worthwhile. To start your journey, head to Brussels-Central train station and catch a train to Marche-en-Famenne. The train ride takes around 1 hour and offers stunning views of the Belgian countryside. Once you reach Marche-en-Famenne, you will need to transfer to a bus that will take you to Durbuy. The bus ride will take about 30 minutes, allowing you to sit back and relax before reaching your destination. 

International day trips from Brussels

Belgium has fantastic connections to other European countries. If you hop on a train, you can be in the Netherlands, Germany or France in an hour. If you are travelling from Brussels within the Schengen area by car or train you don’t have to show your passport at the border crossing.


Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it is definitely worth a visit. It is an easy day trip from Brussels, making it a great option for those looking to explore another country while in Belgium.

The main city is called Luxembourg City, and spending a day here will allow you to see the best of what the country has to offer. Start your day in the charming Old Town, where you can wander through the narrow streets and visit the picturesque Place Guillaume Square. From there, make your way to the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral, which is definitely worth a visit for its stunning architecture. Nearby, you’ll find the Palace of the Grand Duke, where you can learn more about the country’s history and enjoy the beautiful gardens. To end your day, head to the Chemin de la Corniche promenade, often called the “most beautiful balcony in Europe,” for breathtaking views of the city. 

How to get to Luxembourg from Brussels

The most popular option is to take a train, which takes around 3 hours to reach Luxembourg. Trains from Brussels to Luxembourg run regularly throughout the day, allowing for flexibility in planning your journey. The train stations in both Brussels and Luxembourg are conveniently located in the city centers, making it easy to access other parts of the city upon arrival.

Best guided tours to Luxembourg from Brussels

Guided Day Trip to Dinant and Luxembourg

Discover the capital city of Luxembourg with a Spanish or English-speaking guide on this day trip from Brussels. Admire the city of Dinant, a city well-known for its music, history and beer.

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Lille is often considered as France’s most underrated city, but it is definitely worth a visit. Located just two hours away from Brussels, it is the perfect destination for an international day trip.

Over the years, Lille has transformed into a bustling cultural and commercial hub. The charming old town is a testament to its rich history, with a harmonious blend of French and Flemish architecture. Start your day in Lille at the vibrant Place du Theatre, where you’ll be in the heart of the city and within walking distance of its most famous landmarks. 

Strolling through its narrow cobblestone streets, you’ll be surrounded by beautifully preserved buildings that date back centuries. Lille is also renowned for its impressive art museums, housing collections from various periods and artists. After immersing yourself in the city’s cultural offerings, indulge in the fantastic restaurants that Lille has to offer. From traditional French cuisine to international flavors, there is something for every palate. 

How to get to Lille from Brussels

The quickest and most convenient way to make the journey is by train. The train ride from Brussels to Lille takes approximately 50 minutes. The trains are frequent and spacious, offering a comfortable journey. However, if you prefer to drive, it is also possible to reach Lille by car. The journey by car typically takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. 


 Paris, the city of love, is easily accessible thanks to high-speed trains. In just 2 hours and 30 minutes, one can find themselves in this enchanting city. With multiple trains running daily, it’s convenient to go and come back in just one day. There are numerous attractions that should not be missed when visiting Paris. The iconic Eiffel Tower is a must-see, offering breathtaking views of the city from its towering heights. The Louvre, home to countless works of art, including the famous Mona Lisa, is another destination that art enthusiasts should not miss. The stunning Sainte-Chapelle is known for its intricate stained glass windows, while the opulent Palace of Versailles is a testament to the grandeur of the French monarchy. And no visit to Paris is complete without indulging in a flaky, buttery croissant at one of the many cozy cafes that line the charming streets of the city.

How to get to Paris from Brussels

 If you’re planning a trip from Brussels to Paris, the easiest and most efficient way to get there is by taking the high-speed train. From Brussels Midi station, you can hop on a direct train that will take you straight to Paris Nord station. The journey takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, making it a quick and convenient option for traveling between the two cities. 

Best day trips from Brussels FAQs

Where can I go for a one day trip in Belgium?

Belgium offers a variety of options for a one-day trip, whether you are interested in history, culture, or natural beauty. One popular destination is the picturesque city of Bruges, known for its well-preserved medieval buildings and charming canals. You can spend the day exploring the cobblestone streets, visiting historical landmarks such as the Belfry Tower and the Basilica of the Holy Blood, or simply enjoying a boat ride on the canals. Another great option is Ghent, a vibrant city with a rich history and an impressive architectural heritage. You can admire the stunning Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, explore the medieval Gravensteen Castle, or take a leisurely stroll along the scenic canals. If you prefer natural landscapes, head to the Ardennes region, where you can enjoy hiking trails, caves, and beautiful forests. Whether you choose a city or nature destination, a one-day trip in Belgium will leave you with lasting memories. 

Where you can go from Brussels?

From Brussels, you can easily explore both Belgium and its neighboring countries. Within Belgium, you can visit the picturesque cities of Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp, known for their stunning architecture, medieval charm, and delicious chocolates. A short train ride away, you can also explore the historic city of Leuven, home to one of the oldest universities in the world. If you have more time, you can venture further into the Netherlands and visit the vibrant city of Amsterdam, famous for its canals, museums, and tulip fields. Paris, the romantic capital of France, is just a few hours away by train, offering iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre-Dame Cathedral. For nature lovers, the Ardennes region in southern Belgium is a perfect getaway, offering breathtaking hikes and outdoor activities amidst stunning landscapes. From Brussels, the possibilities for exploration are endless, offering a rich mix of culture, history, and natural beauty. 

What is close to Brussels by train?

Brussels, the vibrant capital city of Belgium, is well-connected by trains to several beautiful and historic destinations. Within a short train ride from Brussels, travelers can explore the charming city of Bruges, known for its picturesque canals and medieval architecture. Bruges’ historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers visitors the opportunity to wander through cobbled streets, visit historic monuments, and indulge in delicious Belgian chocolate. Another fascinating destination near Brussels is Ghent, a medieval city famous for its stunning cathedrals and charming canals. Ghent’s bustling city center is perfect for strolling around and admiring the magnificent architecture. For nature lovers, the enchanting Ardennes region is easily accessible from Brussels by train. This picturesque area is renowned for its lush forests, rolling hills, and charming villages, offering visitors a chance to hike, bike, or simply relax amidst the peaceful surroundings. Whether you are craving history, culture, or natural beauty, there are plenty of options close to Brussels to explore by train. 

Is Antwerp better than Brussels for day trip?

When it comes to choosing between Antwerp and Brussels for a day trip, it ultimately depends on personal preferences. Antwerp, known as the fashion and diamond capital of Belgium, has a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere compared to bustling Brussels. Its compact size makes it easier to explore in a day, with highlights such as the iconic Cathedral of Our Lady and the vibrant Antwerp Central Station. The city is also renowned for its trendy fashion boutiques and artistic scene, including the renowned Royal Museum of Fine Arts. On the other hand, Brussels, as the capital city of Belgium, offers a more cosmopolitan vibe with its picturesque architecture, world-class museums, and diverse culinary scene. Visitors can marvel at the stunning Grand Place, explore the European Quarter, or indulge in some delicious Belgian chocolate and waffles. Ultimately, the choice between Antwerp and Brussels for a day trip depends on whether you prefer a more laid-back and artistic experience or a bustling and culturally diverse capital city. 

Where is the prettiest place in Belgium?

Belgium is known for its picturesque landscapes and charming towns, but when it comes to choosing the prettiest place, it can be a tough decision. One contender for the title is Bruges, often referred to as the Venice of the North. This medieval city is renowned for its beautiful canals, cobblestone streets, and stunning architecture. The well-preserved historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers a unique blend of medieval and Gothic buildings. Another enchanting destination is Ghent, with its romantic atmosphere and stunning waterfront. The combination of medieval architecture, picturesque squares, and lively street cafes creates an idyllic setting. Additionally, the picturesque town of Dinant, located along the banks of the Meuse River, is a gem waiting to be discovered. The stunning cliffs, the imposing Citadel, and the colorful saxophone sculptures make this town a truly captivating place. Overall, Belgium offers a myriad of beautiful places, each with its own unique charm and beauty, making it difficult to choose just one as the prettiest. 

Can you do a day trip to Antwerp from Brussels?

Yes, it is possible to do a day trip to Antwerp from Brussels. Antwerp is located about 44 kilometers north of Brussels, and it is easily accessible by train. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes, making it a convenient option for a day trip. Antwerp is a vibrant and historic city with plenty to see and do. The city is famous for its stunning architecture, including the gothic-style Cathedral of Our Lady and the beautiful Central Station. Antwerp is also known as the diamond capital of the world, so visitors can explore the Diamond District and even visit a diamond workshop or museum. Additionally, the city is a hub for fashion and shopping, with a variety of high-end boutiques and trendy stores to explore. Overall, a day trip to Antwerp from Brussels is definitely worth considering for those looking to experience a different side of Belgium during their visit. 

Which is better Ghent or Bruges?

Both Ghent and Bruges are two beautiful cities in Belgium, each with its own unique charm. Ghent, also known as the “historic heart of Flanders,” offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The city is famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture, such as the stunning Saint Bavo’s Cathedral and the Ghent Altarpiece. Ghent is also known for its lively student population, which adds a youthful and energetic vibe to the city. Bruges, on the other hand, is often considered the “Venice of the North” due to its picturesque canals and romantic atmosphere. The city is known for its well-preserved medieval buildings, cobblestone streets, and stunning market square. While Ghent offers a more vibrant and lively experience, Bruges provides a serene and romantic ambiance. Ultimately, whether Ghent or Bruges is better depends on personal preference, with Ghent being ideal for those seeking a vibrant city atmosphere and Bruges being the perfect choice for a romantic and enchanting getaway. 

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